Just ready to enter the LED business, old bird
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The application of LED display involves many fields of social economy, mainly including:
The application of LED display involves many fields of social economy, mainly including: (1) securities trading and financial information display.
the LED display in this field accounts for more than 50% of the domestic demand in recent years.
at present, it is still the main demand industry of LED display.

Just ready to enter the LED business, old bird

Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and tens of thousands of securities and financial information display in China LED displays are widely used by financial institutions.

(2) dynamic information display of Airport Flights and bus stations.
the requirements for information display in the construction of civil aviation airport are very clear.
LED displays are the preferred products of flight information display system, including capital airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Haikou Meilan Airport, Zhuhai airport, Xiamen Gaoqi airport, Shenzhen Huangtian airport, Xiamen Gaoqi airport, Shenzhen Huangtian airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Haikou Meilan Airport, Zhuhai airport The new airport in Guangzhou and dozens of new and expanded airports in China have all selected domestic LED display products.

(3)   Passenger guidance information display at ports and stations.
the information system with LED display screen as the main body, broadcasting system, train arrival and departure revealing system, ticketing information system, etc. constitute the automation system of passenger transport hub.
Beijing station, Beijing west station, Nanchang Station Dalian port and other important domestic railway stations and ports have installed products and systems provided by domestic manufacturers.

(4) stadium information display.
LED display has replaced the traditional light bulb and CRT display.
Tianjin Sports Center, the main venue of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships, has adopted domestic full-color Video LED display for the first time, which has been widely praised Dalian stadium and many other important domestic stadiums have adopted LED display as the main means of information display

(5) Road traffic information display.
the rise of intelligent transportation system (ITS).
in the fields of urban transportation, highway and so on, LED display screen, as a variable information board, speed limit sign, etc., has been widely used to replace similar foreign products.

(6) information display of dispatching command center.
electric power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking, traffic control, etc (7) business promotion and information display in post, telecom, shopping malls and other service fields.
domestic LED displays are playing a role in information display in service fields all over the country.

(8) new advertising media products.
except for a single large indoor, indoor, shopping mall and other service fields Outdoor display screen is used as advertising media.
cluster LED display advertising system has appeared in domestic cities; Commercial building LED display advertising system has also been adopted in major cities in China and is being promoted.

(9) performances and gatherings.
large screen is more and more commonly used for public and political purposes of video live broadcasting.
for example, in the 50th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the presidential election of the United States, the 850th anniversary celebration in Moscow, the Winter Olympics in Japan, the The visit of the pope in Poland, the carnival in Brazil, and the celebration of the new millennium around the world.
in these festivals, the large-scale display screen has increased the artistic influence.
it not only plays advertisements and information, but also unites people.

(10) exhibition and rental.
in many exhibitions.
as one of the important services provided by the exhibition organizers, the large LED display screen plays an important role,There are also some large-scale professional rental companies with large LED screens in foreign countries, and some large-scale manufacturers provide rental services.

there are     ( 11) Schools and hospitals.
it is a modern education tool to use LED display screen as notification and scientific publicity for students in Colleges and universities.
in hospitals, it is mainly used to publicize medicine, physique and health knowledge.

in Colleges and universities, LED display screen is mainly used to publicize medicine, physique and health knowledge      In the future, led full-color display in the advertising industry, sports venues, transportation industry is the most potential market! The advantages and disadvantages of 5800 mm 1 and 3.2-inch screens are very popular.
especially, they have great advantages in surfing the Internet and watching videos; 2. It's a music mobile phone, XpressMusic, so the music performance is relatively strong, especially when it's played out. Of course, it's not necessary to say that it's very competent to have a great external speaker and act as a small sound; 3. The appearance of the machine is OK. It's suitable for both boys and girls (but I don't think it's very grand. It might be better if it's thinner or more angular); 4. The new touch interface is also very smooth when operating with one hand. It is very easy for both the novice and the old bird of S60 to use it; 5. The processing speed is OK. Although it's not very fast, it's good for the smart machine. At least it's much better than the previous Nokia; 6. The cost performance is very high. The price of mobile phones of other brands with the same specifications and functions is almost twice as high as 5800 x m (excluding Shanzhai, of course); 7. Excellent WiFi online quality and excellent internet interface; 8. The desktop pattern can be directly displayed on the full screen, instead of needing pictures as in the old S60, and the pictures should be cut into three parts: the upper part, the middle part and the lower part; It is beneficial to the development of individual theme; 9. Support 3G,It supports WCDMA and is compatible with GSM.
disadvantages 1. The speed of image processing is a little insufficient.
it is said that the operation is not as easy as that of I-phone (but Apple likes to do the ultimate thing, not for ordinary people); 2. When the music turns on the bass enhancement, it is easy for the headphones to produce boring bass, which doesn't sound very good; 3. Although the processor has made great progress compared with the previous Nokia, it is still not fast enough. It is easy to get stuck playing games or enjoying high-quality movies; 4. It does not conform to the quota; Intuitionistic quot; The operation of the camera interface and the performance of the standard camera quality.
5. Resistive touch screen, that is, pressure sensitive touch screen.
disappointing, specifically; A. poor wear resistance and easy to wear; B. the ability to deal with interference is weak, and the ability to prevent misoperation is poor; C. the sensitivity of the touch screen is not easy to adjust, and the sensitivity is easy to be unbalanced. The phenomenon that point a is sensitive and point B is slow often occurs; 6. Although the battery capacity is not small, the actual standby time is still unsatisfactory. For example, mine only takes one day, which is very annoying; 7. The fifth version of S60 system is relatively new, the compatibility of software is still relatively poor, and many things can't be installed; 8. 3G mode only supports WCDMA of China Unicom, which is not compatible with CDMA2000 of China Telecom and TD-SCDMA of China Mobile.
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