The company wants to do pre advertising publicity. Who has a good way to tell me!!
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Taxi LED display advertising
Taxi LED display advertising
1. Taxi LED display advertising

The company wants to do pre advertising publicity. Who has a good way to tell me!!

(1) media introduction
taxi LED display advertising is a new media form with an 80cm long and 12cm wide LED display installed under the rear windshield of taxi as the media. The delivery form of media is flexible, and can be delivered in any form according to the customer's intention. Each message is no more than 45 words and plays out in about 35 seconds
(2) there are three reasons for choosing taxi LED display screen for media launch
· due to the luminous characteristics of taxi LED display screen, it can become the focus of the audience at any time and any corner
· taxi LED display advertising has mobility, so that it is not subject to geographical restrictions, and can convey advertising information to the audience anytime and anywhere
· taxi LED display advertising, with public service advertising content (such as weather forecast, new policies and regulations publicity, etc.) is not a simple hard advertising media. Make it in the audience acceptance degree has been greatly improved, make the media more effective, more direct
· with the gaze rate of 10000-12000 people / car / day and strong media publicity, your advertising information will spread to the people of Hecheng. Those things are not interesting! You might as well find a square and rent a hot-air balloon in the center of the square to write on it! If you sell traditional products! A little bit more interaction! If it's selling service! That's a little experience marketing
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