The production method of LED display screen
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Screen display text, pictures, videos and other content, constant dance card is mainly playing
The screen displays text, pictures, videos and other contents, and the constant dance card mainly plays
animation; The power supply system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current into the voltage and current required by the display screen
the LED display can display changing numbers, characters and graphics; It can be used not only in indoor environment, but also in outdoor environment, which has incomparable advantages over projector, TV wall and LCD

The production method of LED display screen

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     Address: second floor, No. 184, Shiqiao Qiaoxing Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou      Guangzhou xinshengshi Technology Co., Ltd   Website: I'm in this business! This problem is simple and complex. Because you are a layman! To form an LED electronic screen, the following materials are needed:
1: unit display module (such as waterproof module for outdoor use)
2: switching power supply
3: control card
4: frame (such as waterproof box for outdoor use)
5: back strip (keel) [not required for outdoor screen]
6: power cord, data cable, fixing screw, assembly tool

but if you use it yourself, I suggest you don't buy these things by yourself. Otherwise, you have to digest. ha-ha!
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