What is the future direction of LED display industry in 2017
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The LED display industry has developed rapidly and formed a new stage of development. It can be divided into three stages
With the rapid development of LED display industry, it has also formed a new development stage.
specifically, it can be divided into three stages:
1. LED display utility model stage: LED display has the characteristics of environmental protection, high brightness, high definition, high reliability, etc., which are gradually highlighted.

What is the future direction of LED display industry in 2017

in the last stage, LED display market only meets people's needs, However, it can not meet the requirements in LED display products, The quality is not up to standard.

with the development of LED display screen.
now, LED products have a new breakthrough.
at least, they are more advanced than the previous stage.
a series of products which are completely different from traditional light source applications have been developed, which will be popular.
LED display screen will have a larger and broader development space.
LED display screen is not only a beautification function.
its variety makes it more beautiful Nowadays, all manufacturers have to strive for the advantages in design, application and technology research and development.

2. LED display intelligent control stage: with the continuous progress and development of LED display technology.
as a semiconductor industry, LED will also catch this high-speed train and give play to its high controllability.
from home to office building.
from road to tunnel, From car to walk, from indoor to outdoor, the LED display system with intelligent control will bring a higher level of service to mankind.
the LED display industry will also change from product making to product design to providing overall solutions.

3 The acceptance stage of LED display replacement: because the characteristics of LED display products are mainly reflected in the high luminous efficiency (low energy consumption).
this stage is the initial stage of the development of LED display, so in terms of price,In the eyes of customers, there is a certain comparison.
of course, customers have a process of acceptance.
customers have a transition and acceptance in the use habits and appearance.
let customers understand the characteristics of LED display products.
choose one with the characteristics of energy saving and long life.
in this way, customers are easy to accept its relatively high price.
especially in commercial occasions, and now customers are second in price, It's mainly about the quality.
therefore, manufacturers are striving for the advantage of quality and price.
the display effect of the picture is required to be higher.
when the refresh rate of the display is insufficient, the scanning horizontal line will appear. It is necessary to improve the scanning output technology of the LED display control system to make the refresh rate of the LED display higher than the shutter speed of ordinary cameras, To sum up,
LED displays are in a stage of rapid development and growth. It is believed that in the near future, LED displays will be applied in more fields. At the same time, a variety of new products of LED displays will emerge in the market, which will bring consumers better, more convenient and more energy-saving LED displays.
in the future, LED displays will be widely used in more fields
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