How to describe the quality of LED display screen is very good. Some high-end sentences and words, thank you
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The following is an expert in car screen manufacturing, xunling electronics, which describes car screen for your reference
The following is the description of car screen by xunling electronics, an expert in car screen manufacturing, for your reference:
product features of LED car screen:

How to describe the quality of LED display screen is very good. Some high-end sentences and words, thank you

· ultra thin design, easy disassembly and assembly, reduces the space occupation of car LED screen.

· aluminum alloy box is used.
greatly reduces the weight of car LED screen, thus reducing the weight of car body, Make your car more light and fast in the city.

· adopt channel exhaust design.
reduce the use of fans, and use high-quality fans to reduce noise, Basically no noise pollution caused by the city.

· with IP65 protection level.
this enables the display screen to continue to work for you in rainy weather.

· static electricity easily generated during the operation of the car.
especially in autumn, the static high voltage can reach several thousand volts. Our mobile series display screen is equipped with unique static electricity protection measures, Prevent damage to LED lamp and driving IC.

· adopt wide voltage design.
prevent damage to the display screen caused by high pulse voltage generated when the car starts, brakes and stops.

application scope of LED vehicle display screen:
· it is applied to all kinds of large and medium-sized vehicle bodies.
it is an advertising product with high advertising effect and advertising value, mainly displaying information announcement, display and display Image advertising, activity advertising.

benefits to users:
· photosensitive control system: automatically adjust the brightness according to the change of outdoor light.
make the display screen in the best display effect at all times and save power dynamically, reducing the operating cost
· high refresh and high grayscale: the display is more realistic, meeting the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use
· dual backup system: two computers control one screen at the same time,When there is a problem with one computer, the other computer will take over automatically to ensure the normal operation of the display screen.
the maintenance spare parts are modular design.
it is convenient for after-sales maintenance
· efficient optical fiber transmission system: effectively reduces the signal delay caused by long transmission distance, and ensures the consistency of picture playback; It's interesting. I also want to know, but if you describe the customer's letter, it still needs to be agreed by the customer,
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