LED advertising language
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LED advertising language

to purchase high-quality LED display screen, you need to pay attention to these parameters.

at present, there are many LED display screen manufacturers in the market.
therefore, there are many selection problems when choosing LED display screen.
How can we accurately judge the quality of LED display screen? The following is a brief analysis of the selection points from several parameters:

brightness of LED display: if you choose a full-color LED display for indoor use.
then its brightness must be greater than 1800cd / m2, while the brightness of full-color LED display for outdoor use must be greater than 5000cd / m2, and the brightness of outdoor LED display must be greater than 2000cd / m2, Only in this way can we ensure that the LED display has no abnormal brightness demand, The brightness of the display screen is mainly determined by the quality of the LED chip.

the viewing angle of the LED display screen: the size of this parameter directly determines the audience of the LED display screen.
therefore, the larger the viewing angle, the better, The size of the viewing angle is mainly determined by the packaging method of the die.

Flatness: the flatness of the surface layer of the LED display must be within ± 1 mm.
to ensure that the display pattern does not appear distorted, Some bumps or depressions will make the viewing angle of LED display screen produce dead angle.
the flatness is mainly determined by the production processing technology.

Color reality characteristics of LED display screen: the color restoration characteristics usually refer to the color restoration characteristics of LED display screen.
the color restoration characteristics of LED display screen are mainly determined by the production processing technologyThat is to say, the color of LED display screen should be maintained at the same height as that of the playback source, so as to ensure the true feeling of the image.

when purchasing high-quality LED display screen.
it is necessary to clear it according to its various parameters and select according to the requirements of each parameter, Only in this way can we ensure the high-quality characteristics of LED display.

reference: LED cold light lamp www.czelec.com.
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