Programmable LED electronic display
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Hope it can help you.
Hope it can help you.

Chapter 1 scheme demonstration of 16 * 16 dot matrix LED electronic display screen

Programmable LED electronic display

1.1 scheme demonstration
in theory.
no matter display graphics or text, we can get the desired display results as long as we control the light emission of the LED device relative to the position of each point of these graphics or text, This method of controlling the lights on and off simultaneously is called static driving display mode.
16 × There are 256 light-emitting diodes in the 16LED lattice.
obviously, the MCU does not have so many ports. If we use the latch to expand the ports, and calculate according to the 8-bit latch, we can get 16 × A 16 dot matrix needs 256 / 8=32 latches.
this number is huge.
because we only have 16 × In practical applications, the display screen is often much larger, so the cost of latch will be a huge number.
therefore, in practical applications, the display screen almost does not use this design.
but uses another display mode called dynamic scanning.
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