I want to make LED large screen in town, is it feasible? Will it be compensated?
Author:Feng Wei Time:2021-09-10 15:46 Browse(38)
if you want to build large LED screens in villages and towns, what kind of villages and towns is it, and how about the economic level and advertising level? Can it support the operation of an LED display? All these issues need to be considered. It can't be said that it is feasible or infeasible. After all, we rely on the display screen for profit
I have been in touch with the display industry for a long time, but there are very few LED displays in villages and towns, but there are also some. In a town in Sichuan (Jiulong Town, Yuechi County), we have built a 30 square meter LED display, and the profit feedback from the customers is very good. Now we all plan to invest in the second one. But the economy of Renjia town is really good, and there is real estate over there
therefore, the decision to invest or not to invest in LED displays in villages and towns mainly depends on the economic situation and advertising situation of villages and towns as well as the degree of recognition of display screens by advertisers. Like West China, every village has the potential and market to invest in LED displays. But the real investment, please be careful

I want to make LED large screen in town, is it feasible? Will it be compensated?

I hope I can help you. If you need technical support, you can communicate with me! As long as there are continuous advertising investors. I personally think it's OK. After all, there is less competition. If you are a pioneer, you will take more risks, if you succeed, if you make profits, you know that
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