The operation mode of advertising company
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What kind of TV advertising companies watch. If we include the production and design of advertising film, the investment will be relatively high. If it's just an advertising agency, the cost will be less. It just needs a fixed office location, staff salary and daily office expenses to make a budget.
What kind of TV advertising companies watch.

The operation mode of advertising company

if it includes the production and design of advertising films, the investment will be relatively high.
if it is only an advertising agency.
compared with the previous cost, it is less. It just needs fixed office space and staff salary, As for media relations,

if you do TV advertising, you must make great efforts to take care of the relationship with TV stations and other media. In this way, getting a good price is the foundation of making money in the future.

do you mean the outdoor LCD screen? It's usually the media owned by advertising companies.
they don't rent it.
give full play to their strengths    Seeking common ground while reserving differences on the operation and management of advertising companies; If the enterprise prospers, the brand prospers; The development of national economy directly guides the development of advertising.
in the 21st century, when the economy takes off, the development of advertising will be promoted, The advertising industry has also developed rapidly.
China has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world.
this huge business opportunity has attracted worldwide attention.
after two stages of germination and rapid development, China's advertising industry is gradually entering a period of stable development.
in this process.
the operation and management of advertising companies are very important, All of them are going through a process of reorientation and reshuffle.

the operation and management of advertising companies have their own uniqueness.
the operation and management of advertising companies need to "give full play to their strengths.
seek common ground while reserving differences", and constantly innovate and surpass.
we will elaborate the reasons from three aspects.

advertising is an intelligent industry.
What do advertising companies make money by operating.
advertising companies need to make money by operatingGain profits and maintain development? It depends on the "wisdom" of employees to create value in exchange for real money.
this is the characteristic of advertising companies different from other industries and industries.
at the same time, it also requires that our operation and management must be different from other traditional industries.

intelligent enterprises completely rely on "people" to create value.
their operation and management mode cannot be mechanized, In order to realize "humanized" management and strive for "seeking common ground while reserving differences", the advertising industry is different from the general production-oriented enterprises.
a lot of assembly line work, its operation and management require more "standard implementation", without too much innovation of employees, just do their own work according to the rules and regulations.
the advertising industry is different.
it needs continuous innovation and challenges, Therefore, we should not follow the rules in terms of operators and companies. First of all, we should analyze our own advantages, give full play to the company's strengths, and give full play to each employee's strengths.

advertising companies should first have their own brand positioning.
we often do brand planning and positioning for enterprises.
but first we should understand what our brand positioning is, and then, As a professional advertising company, it is necessary to make a good positioning of its own brand management if it wants to gallop in the Chinese market.
first, it should be professional.
then it should be strong, and finally it should be big.
this kind of management needs the "characteristic" positioning.
so that when customers choose a company, they can make a good positioning of their own brand management, For example,
you are a professional creative company, a professional film and television company, a professional graphic company, a professional product packaging company, etc.
this kind of business positioning of "technology has strong points". "It will stand out in the advertising competition of the same industry and achieve its own brand.
the operation of advertising companies is to manage "people" and "characteristic" people, and build "characteristic brand" with these characteristic people.
finally, give play to the company's brand specialty.
win the favor of consumers and enterprises.

intelligent advertising industry.
requires intensive knowledge, Diversity and uniqueness. In the company management, we should "seek common ground while reserving differences", so that everyone can adapt to the company's environment and give full play to their strengths.
this kind of management of seeking common ground while reserving differences is mainly as follows:
common recognition of corporate culture.

each company has its own unique culture.
if we do not recognize the company's culture, we will go deep into the company in the future, Conflicts often occur in daily work, which is not conducive to the harmonious development of the team.
"seeking common ground" is mainly the recognition of the company's cultural concept.

the recognition of enterprise leaders.

advertising companies are "personal heroism" brands operated and promoted by personal brands.
such as Ogilvy, Leo Benner, ye Maozhong, black horse Zhang Xiaoping, etc, In the advertising industry,
many people go to fight for the company's spiritual leaders.
if they don't recognize the company's leaders,
they will have a rebellious mentality and affect their work.

the creative ideas are new.

advertisers rely on their ideas to survive.
they rely on different ideas, Fresh ideas.
as the middle and high-level managers,
we should fully encourage the fresh and strange ideas, instead of using our power to kill them.
only in this way can we make the company full of vitality,It is full of competition and creative passion.

advertising is a personalized industry.
as an advertising company,
from the internal culture, management, decoration, clothing, to the external publicity, image, activities, etc., it is full of distinctive personality culture.
Ogilvy's red and black, Meigao's toilet spirit, ye Maozhong's hat, ye Maozhong's brand name, etc Xu Shunying's ideology, etc.
all represent the individual characteristics of the advertising industry.
this kind of individual advertising industry requires managers and managers to adjust measures to local conditions.
many local advertising companies learn from foreign 4A companies.
as a result, they are different from each other and have no their own characteristics, The actual operation effect of the company is not ideal.
the reason lies in the fact that the advertising environment and economic environment of China are different from those of foreign countries. The most important thing is that the Chinese people's thinking and way of thinking are different from those of the West.
they can not operate and manage the company according to their theories and methods.
they must establish their own personality, To create advertising characteristics suitable for our company and Chinese environment.

the personalized advertising industry is mainly reflected in the personality of people, business and system.
this kind of personalized industry needs our innovative operation and management mode to keep pace with the times, In daily communication, we can often see the industry that a person is engaged in by his or her clothes, and advertisers are no exception. Bald head, long hair, beard, cowboy and T-shirt seem to be the image elements of advertisers.
these are the appearance of advertisers.
the real personality of advertisers is displayed through their thinking and thinking, It's only through their works that we can express our individuality.
we often say when we see a good work.
we can't help but express our individualityIt's wonderful, creative and personalized.
the individuality of advertisers needs to be cultivated and stimulated.
it's not immutable, so it needs the working atmosphere of advertising companies to nourish and the working methods to cultivate.

give full play to the specialty of advertisers.
cultivate their specialty, It is a long-term strategy that a company should adhere to.
for the managers of advertising companies,
the construction of "talents" is extremely important.
"everything in advance is established.
the strategic reserve of talents is reserved for the sustainable development of the company. If a company's sustainable development talent echelon has not been formed, there is a serious shortage of" generals "talents, If the enterprise wants to develop, it is doomed to fail.
only by taking the cultivation of talents as the foundation of the company's development and entrepreneurship.
based on competition and development, with unique talent recruitment strategy, open career development space, excellent talent growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and people-oriented corporate culture concept, "build a nest to attract Phoenix", Only with first-class talents can we build a first-class enterprise.

the personality of advertising business.

with the continuous development of social economy.
advertising business is constantly subdivided, especially after the arrival of network media, the scope of advertising business is more and more, more and more detailed, Focus media is about to come out and occupy more and more markets.

the emergence of this phenomenon requires advertising companies to always walk in the forefront of the industry, find opportunities and create services.
before the arrival of personalized business.
operators need to develop and guide the development of the industry with innovative characteristic services,The emergence of focus media is a special case.
the development of advertising business personality.
to promote advertising companies to do their own expertise, in order to occupy a place, However, the internal management system of advertising companies does not need to be as meticulous as that of some production-oriented enterprises.
however, it can not be widely used, There are no rules.
there are no rules.
there are no squares.
the system management of advertising companies does not need to be very complicated.
as long as there is a clear division of departments, a clear relationship between superiors and subordinates, and general rules and regulations.
when we serve enterprises, we also feel that the internal management of enterprises is very complicated, including interpersonal relationships, which must be set up by enterprises, It is also a manifestation of enterprise norms.
however, the management of our advertising companies is not necessarily as dignified as that of enterprises.
advertising is the work of communication.
as long as we establish a method and mechanism of communication, Advertising is a service-oriented industry.
as the saying goes, "don't take porcelain work without diamond."
advertising industry is particularly obvious.
because we live by "work", customers will not pay for our work if we don't do it well.
in order to take "big work", we must have "strength" to serve customers, To satisfy customers.
as a service industry,
the operation and management of advertising companies has its particularity, because we are serving "enterprise products",All operations are closely related to product sales.
since it is service product sales.
our business should be specialized and subdivided.
product sales involves product packaging, product advertising, product channels, product promotion, etc.
as an advertising company, we should provide you with what you are best at to serve customers Focus.

although there are some international advertising companies that provide comprehensive services now, they are only comprehensive agents, and their specific business will be transferred to professional companies.
for example,
shooting advertising films will be transferred to film and television companies, advertising will be transferred to media companies, and holding large-scale activities will be transferred to public relations companies, This kind of business transfer will provide opportunities for professional service companies.
as long as we make our own company's characteristic services professional.
in the future, many customers will come to us for services, because we are the most professional.
it is the same in other industries.
in the real estate industry, there are special planning and design companies, construction companies, sales companies, decoration companies, etc, These specialized companies are all doing their best service.
the service of advertising industry needs to give full play to their own advantages, create value for customers and create value for themselves.

as a service-oriented industry, advertising should be examined in the future operation and management, Insight into the industry trend.
adhere to the company's specialty service.
to constantly create new services to meet the needs of enterprises.
only in this way can we achieve long-term development.
become stronger and bigger, and realize the rapid improvement and development of comprehensive strength.

for the internal operation and management of advertising companies.
Company leaders should play the role of communication,Create an environment for communication, so that we can seek common ground while reserving differences while giving full play to our personality.
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