What are the forms of advertising media in outdoor media?
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The main forms of outdoor advertising are high-speed railway station, urban outdoor, high-speed brand, building large screen, airport media, advertising screen brushing machine, subway media and so on.
The main forms of outdoor advertising are high-speed railway station, urban outdoor, high-speed brand, building large screen, airport media, advertising screen brushing machine, subway media, etc.

What are the forms of advertising media in outdoor media?

in recent years, high-speed railway advertising has become more and more common.
there are many forms of media, including light box, Kanban, hanging flag, seat and chair, lintel light box, wrapped column light box, LED information screen, glass sticker, etc, It almost covers the drop off area, ticketing area, waiting area, in and out station area and platform area. Another kind of media is train media. The media forms of high-speed train include headrest towel, train broadcast, table board, poster, luggage rack color stickers, LED screen, etc. the other kind of media is the media form of ordinary speed train, with relatively more types.

urban outdoor media mainly include outdoor light box, column light box, three side flip, light box and so on High speed brand and anti-aircraft gun advertising are the main types.
there are also large screens in buildings, which are generally put in the main locations of prosperous business district, city surrounding, high-speed and traffic trunk road.

among many advertising media companies, I think fortune media is a very good one.
I have been cooperating with them before, At the same time, fortune media's outdoor media resources are relatively comprehensive, covering 33 provinces, 500 key cities, more than 1 million advertising resources, and many highly targeted and complementary outdoor media areas such as the first tier, second tier and third tier cities, It affects more than 1 billion people.

first of all, the high-speed railway stations provide different lines and stations for different enterprises.
it basically covers the national "four horizontal and four vertical" railway lines, including Hanyi line, Beijing Guangzhou line, Beijing Shanghai line, Beijing Shijiazhuang line, Shiwu line, Shanghai Kunming line, Shanghai Hangzhou line, Xiamen Shenzhen line, Beijing Harbin line, Harbin Dalian line, etc Beijing west station, Beijing south station, Guangzhou south station, Shenzhen North Station, Tianjin west station, Hankou station, Shenyang station, Shenyang south station, Changchun west station, Xi'an north station, Shijiazhuang station, Zhengzhou east station, Hangzhou east station, Urumqi station, Dalian north station, Dalian station... These national high-speed railway hubs can basically guarantee the advertisingThere are also many high-speed media resources.
including Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, Beijing Harbin expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Beijing Tibet expressway, Beijing Kai expressway, Baojin expressway, Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway, etc.
1 Electrical signboard advertising is a kind of advertising board which uses electric light source and neon lights as media.
it is the most magnificent outdoor advertising.
there are two ways of advertising information communication: direct light shining communication and light flowing along a specific edge.
it can give people visual dynamic and pleasant beauty.

set up this kind of photoelectric light Gas advertising.
generally, it is supported by steel structure frame, and the neon tubes needed are almost customized, so the cost of replacing parts is very high.
outdoor electrical signboard advertising is eye-catching.
but the price is very expensive.

2 This kind of advertisement can be painted on the specially made billboard or directly painted on the wall with large area.
the painted advertisement can be kept for a long time.
it plays a role of repeated communication for people who often pass by.
the specially made billboard is usually located on both sides of the busy street.
it is neat and beautiful With the development of printing technology,
almost all the posters are colored.
the life span of posters is about one month.

4 The advertisements inside or outside ships and ferries, as well as those set up at parking stations, platforms and docks.
in addition, the advertisements set up at parking stations, platforms and docks are also includedAs buses, ships and ferries have fixed routes,
and a considerable number of passengers are fixed passengers, they will leave a deep impression on some advertising information when they contact these advertisements for many times.

5. Air advertising is a form of advertising that uses modern advanced technology to reflect the content of advertising information in the air.
for example, spaceship advertising, air advertising, air advertising, etc Air advertising has a great influence.
air advertising usually has a short time and a small audience, which greatly limits the effect of advertising.
in this paper, the effect of advertising is analyzed
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