How to treat small space LED display & quot; Substitution tide & quot; Development trend
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From monochrome to full-color, from outdoor to indoor, combing the development history of LED display industry, we can find that substitution is always a main line of industry development.
From monochrome and bicolor to full color, from outdoor to indoor, this paper reviews the development history of LED display industry, It can be found that substitution is always a main line in the development of the industry.

How to treat small space LED display & quot; Substitution tide & quot; Development trend

we can divide product substitution into two types.

the first type is the upgrading of LED display industry's own products.
for example, in the early stage of the industry, full-color LED display was replaced by monochrome and bicolor products, and at present, high-density products were replaced by low-density products we can see that with the efforts of the whole industry chain, the market boundary of LED display is constantly broken and its application scope is becoming wider and wider, The market space has been greatly improved.

in the field of indoor display screen, LED screen is competing for DLP and LCD market.

the emergence of small spacing LED display screen and LED advertising machine has brought a heavy blow to DLP and LCD market.
compared with traditional LED display screen, LED advertising machine has small screen area, low single price and wide range of use, which is conducive to improving the shipment volume of enterprises, LED advertising machine provides advertising operators with better display equipment than LCD in small and medium-sized screen market.
compared with large indoor screen.
LED small spacing screen is competitive and profitable, which can effectively improve the profitability of enterprises.
for terminal customers,
the emergence of LED small spacing screen breaks the situation of DLP unified high-end indoor display market, It provides a new choice for traditional conference, command and other users.
in this paper, we present a new way to choose fromIt can be said that.
these two products broaden the application scope of LED display.

LED display upgrading industry ushers in a new horizon

compared with the business opportunities brought by replacing display devices in other industries.
the market space formed by LED display upgrading will be more imaginative.
the upgrading of LED display can be divided into two aspects

first of all.
the replacement formed by the original products reaching the service life.
it is understood.
affected by LED light decay, the service life of LED display screen is generally about five years.
the past five years can be said to be the most golden five years of LED display screen in China Sports venues and other application fields have been greatly popularized.
so in the next few years.
there will be a large number of expired LED displays to be replaced, This will undoubtedly bring huge economic benefits to enterprises.

new technology products replace traditional products.
up to now,
there are two development trends in the industry that enterprises should pay attention to.

first, the trend of full-color LED display replacing single and double colors; In the past, the price of full-color LED display was on the high side.
the use of full-color LED display was not as simple as that of single and double color, and the maintenance cost of manufacturers was relatively high in the later stage, which failed to really shake the position of single and double color in the door screen market.
now, with the progress of technology and the decline of cost.
as the last line of defense of single and double color products, the door screen market has become more and more popular, Second, the trend of high-density LED display replacing low-density productsWith the progress of upstream chip and packaging technology.
take outdoor LED display as an example, the mainstream products P10 and P8 outdoor full-color LED display before the industry, now P4 and P3 outdoor LED display has become a new favorite, The competitiveness of high-definition LED display in outdoor market is increased.

for more detailed data, please refer to the analysis report on market prospect and development planning of China's LED display industry in the 13th five year plan. It is expected to adopt:
micro spacing LED display is an indoor high-definition full-color LED display with unit board and surface mounting technology.
the point spacing specification is below p2.0 P1.9, p1.8, P1.6, P1.5, P1.2, P1.0 and other specifications, with the continuous progress of LED chip packaging technology, micro spacing LED displays with point spacing below P1.0 will appear one after another.

the concept of micro spacing LED display was proposed.
it was originally a redefinition of the indoor full-color LED display products under p2.0 by voury Zhuohua optoelectronics, Voury Zhuohua believes that with the development of small spacing LED display from indoor field to control room field, it puts forward higher requirements for pixel density, and the concept of small spacing is no longer suitable for the application field of command display in control room. Therefore, it redefines the product series of micro spacing LED display, which is gradually quoted by various manufacturers and media in the industry, In recent years, with the improvement of LED display manufacturing technology, the resolution of traditional LED display has been greatly improvedMicro spacing LED display is the general name of a whole set of systems.
including LED display system, video conference HD display control system and heat dissipation system.
later, micro spacing LED display adopts pixel level point control technology.
it realizes the state control of brightness, color restoration and unity of display pixel units, and has high brightness, high contrast, high reliability, low cost and high reliability With bright color, seamless vision, light and thin screen, green environmental protection and other characteristics, automatic reflow soldering process is adopted in the production process of display screen, which brings perfect visual experience to users. It is an ideal choice for conference room and professional control room.

voice micro spacing LED screen has the following advantages:
truly seamless splicing
traditional LCD DLP and other splicing screens have obvious seams.
there are brightness differences and splicing gaps between units, which affect the uniformity and integrity of the screen display.
micro spacing LED displays can be spliced in any direction, any size and any shape.
the color and brightness of the screen are uniform, without segmentation and black seams, To achieve truly seamless splicing.

low brightness and high gray
due to the fact that micro spacing LED is mostly used in the control room environment.
therefore, the brightness requirement is not high, and the gray level requirement is higher than that of the traditional display.
the gray level performance of micro spacing LED display screen is almost perfect under low brightness.
there is no information loss, and the hierarchical sense and brightness of the display screen are far higher than that of the traditional display screen, It can show more rich and comprehensive image details.

high contrast
micro spacing LED display adopts high-quality black surface led lamp and black mask processing technology.
it can improve the luminous brightness and enhance the screen contrast,It can ensure the color performance of the screen.

it takes up a small space
the thickness of the micro spacing LED display is thin.
the rear maintenance space is small, which can be embedded in the wall, saving room space.

the maintenance cost is low
the micro spacing LED display is composed of unit modules.
the display pixels are individual LED lights, which usually have a very low rate of defective products, In case of necrotic point, replace it with spare parts unit, and maintain an LED lamp in the video conference system; If the panel is irreparable, a small unit display module can be replaced to reduce the maintenance cost and shorten the maintenance time.

the color is real and natural.
the international leading point by point correction technology is adopted.
the advanced green restoration and skin color restoration functions fully adapt to the feeling habits of human eyes, It can truly restore the color of nature.

ultra high refresh rate
the micro spacing LED display has stable picture, no ripple and no black screen.
it can effectively solve the tailing and blurring in the process of rapid image movement, enhance the clarity and contrast of the image, make the video picture delicate and smooth, and make people's eyes not easy to fatigue when watching for a long time; Equipped with anti gamma correction technology and single point brightness correction technology, the dynamic picture display is more realistic, natural, uniform and consistent.

short response time
the response time of micro spacing LED display is extremely short.
in nanosecond level, there will be no tailing, ghosting and other phenomena, when monitoring the picture and playing dynamic video, It has great advantages.

wide viewing angle
the larger the viewing angle of the screen.
the clearer and more uniform the screen image can be viewed on the left and right sides of the screen and up and down,The micro spacing LED display screen has a vertical and horizontal two-way 160 degree ultra wide viewing angle, so that the viewer can obtain high-quality display effect in all angles.

energy saving and environmental protection
the micro spacing LED display screen uses the switching power supply with PFC function.
it reduces the interference of various components in the LED power supply system circuit to the power supply system, purifies the power grid, and improves the power quality, It reduces the power loss of the large screen itself, saves power, and is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

it is light to the limit and easy to handle.
the micro spacing LED display box is composed of modules.
the weight of a single box is only 4.5kg.
it is made of cast aluminum box.
it is high-strength, ultra light and beautiful, It is convenient for installation and handling.
the back cover is made of high-strength fireproof material for injection molding.
the weight of the product is reduced to the maximum.
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