How to install led billboard
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As a common outdoor billboard, LED graphic advertising screen is the media equipment with the best brightness. It has the advantages of good stability, low consumption and wide radiation range. It is the most suitable product for outdoor information dissemination. Basically, the common LED display screen includes advertising screen, strip screen, picture screen and so on, which is also the first choice for urban life and brightness.
As a common outdoor billboard, LED graphic advertising screen is the media equipment with the best brightness. It has the advantages of good stability, low consumption and wide radiation range. It is the most suitable product for outdoor information dissemination.
the common LED display screens include advertising screen, strip screen, graphic screen and so on, which are also the components of urban life The first choice of brightness is lighting.

How to install led billboard

what details should we pay attention to when building this kind of high-quality LED advertising outdoors? I believe these contents are the most concerned topics, especially for some technical construction personnel. Knowing how to build and maintain the advertising screen outdoors will greatly promote business advertising Information dissemination.
specifically speaking.
the installation of outdoor billboard LED electronic display includes field survey, equipment construction, installation, commissioning and use.
first, field survey refers to the new unified test of parameters such as specific environment, topography, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptance ability before the installation of outdoor LED display, In order to ensure the smooth installation of billboards, it is required to implement a unified lifting scheme for the commanders before lifting and installation, so as to ensure the normal and stable use of the equipment.
Second, when building LED equipment, we should distinguish the wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof advertising screen according to the distance and height, The crane and hoist are used for sectional hoisting, and the personnel above are ensured to cooperate with each other. There is a better installation and use process for the LED advertising screen working at height.
Third, the luminous radiation range debugging. Next, the specific radiation range detection is needed. Due to the different radiation range, the perspective of LED display is different,The outdoor LED display screen should be fixed and installed according to the field acceptance ability and everyone's normal viewing angle, so as to ensure that normal and balanced images and subtitle information can be seen from every angle. 4. Follow up inspection and maintenance follow-up inspection, including many areas, such as LED display screen waterproof, cooling layer, LED indication waterproof coating, rain proof range on the display screen, Both sides of the cooling air, power supply lines and so on, these basic components constitute the whole stable graphic LED display. In the later stage of technical maintenance, it is necessary to carry out unified management and maintenance for these components. When the product is rusty, unstable and damaged, it needs to be replaced in time to ensure the safe use of the whole display.
generally speaking.
outdoor advertising LED display, Using high-tech backplane for heat dissipation and dot matrix light source for unified management is more conducive to the use of the display screen. These basic outdoor advertising screen installation steps once again illustrate the important links in the installation of LED display screen. Mastering these, we can use the advertising display screen more smoothly and quickly, and give play to its excellent characteristics of information dissemination.
in this paper, the design of the LED display screen is introducedControl principle of LED electronic display screen Composition of display screen
1. LED & nbsp
a   By package:
outdoor LED:
546 (thickness * width * height) is suitable for outdoor p12.5.
P14, p16, P20 and above.
346 (thickness * width * height) is suitable for outdoor P10.
indoor LED: mainly 0805   one thousand two hundred and six   0603.
three in one surface paste; The surface pastes three and one; Sub surface mount module; High power type.
wavelength λ( nm)   Brightness (MCD)   Knot size (MIL)   Common brands.
red R   625-630   350-500   twelve   Guanglei.
San'an, AXT.
Green G   520-525   1600-2000   fourteen   AXT.
Shimei, Swaziland.
Blue B   465-470   400-500   fourteen   Japan Asia.
Cree, Swaziland.
remarks:   Brightness R: G: B=3:6:1.
C   Several brands: Osman, Cree and AXT in Germany, Guangjia, FPD, TK, AOC, HL, Addison and ed in Taiwan, Seoul in South Korea, Riya and Toshiba in Japan, Lumei in Dalian, Fudi, San'an, SMIC core in Hangzhou The main thickness of the double-sided board is 1.6 mm.
the main thickness of the four panels is 2.0 mm.
3   The driver chips are Toshiba TB62726, Taiwan mbi5026, mbi5024 and domestic 74c595831014953   From   Led fortune .
4. Control system (software) & nbsp& nbsp; It can be divided into synchronous card and asynchronous card (which can be used offline).
commonly used: lingxingyu.
can be calibrated point by point: ZTE.
5. Power supply & nbsp& nbsp; It's usually 5V   30A or 5V   40A (less use).
there are mainly Changzhou Chuanglian, Shanghai Hengfu, Taiwan Mingwei.
6& nbsp; Generally, lead is added to PC kit to protect the environment.
however, it should be appropriate, and lead is toxic.
7& nbsp; Mainly waterproof or simple; The thickness of the aircraft is 70-90cm; Cold rolled sheet or aluminum alloy
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