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LED electronic screen word changing method is as follows
The method of changing words on LED electronic screen is as follows

How to change words on LED electronic screen

1. Change words through computer, connect LED display screen and computer, open display screen control software, set screen parameters, edit program font, and click send.
2. Change words through U disk. If you use U disk control card, there is a column in software menu. Click USB to download and save setting parameters and contents to U disk. When changing the program, you can directly copy the content with the U disk and take it to the LED advertising screen for replacement
3. Change words through mobile phone (or remote control). If you use GSM SMS control card in LED display, the thing you use to change words is mobile phone. Editing SMS can send and change advertising subtitles. Generally, USB or GPRS is recommended to save time. In addition, it also needs to be combined with the actual needs, such as stores and shops, directly through the wired control card, through the computer to send, or choose the U disk control card, if you want to change the advertising content, directly use the U disk to copy. If the number of LED advertising screens is large and scattered, and you want to send them in groups, you should use GPRS wireless control card to correct the content in the computer software, and send them in groups with one click, which is energy-saving and convenient. The character changing of LED electronic screen has nothing to do with the interface. It depends on the manufacturer and model. This needs to know the model of the control card, and now the corresponding control card software is combined with the display parameters for operation. The model of the control card is just the model of the control card. The information is obtained from the hardware of the control card. Search online
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