How to make LED display more energy saving
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How to use LED large screen to save power?
How to use LED large screen to save power<

LED is famous for energy saving. The power consumption of a single LED lamp is indeed very low, but when millions of LED lamps are gathered together to make LED display, the power consumption can not be underestimated.

How to make LED display more energy saving

take the outdoor advertising screen of 200 square meters.
P10 as an example:
generally, the maximum power consumption is calculated according to the number of points,
LED lamps generally use 5V voltage and 20mA current, so the power of a group of lamps is 3 * 5 * 0.02=0.3w,
P10 is full-color, 10000 points per square meter, so 0.3 * 10000=3000W,
then divided by the scanning mode, P10 is generally 1 / 43000 / 4=750W,
the average power consumption is generally half of the maximum power consumption, so it is about 375W,
converted into electricity consumption, 14 * 375W=5.25kw/h=5.25kwh,
industrial electricity consumption is generally 1 yuan / kWh,
so the power consumption per square meter is 5.25 yuan,
The daily electricity charge of 200 square meter LED large screen is 5.25 * 200=1050 yuan,
in a year, 365 * 1050=383250 yuan.

for the media owners of LED large screen.
no matter what the advertising revenue of large screen is, the electricity charge generated by the operation of LED large screen every year is a fixed expenditure, This is totally different from the traditional spray painting or three sided advertising.
in the face of high electricity charges.
how to use the large LED screen to save electricity

of course, the energy saving of LED display comes from the manufacturers of LED display, such as the luminous efficiency of LED lamp and the design of PCB,However, these factors can not be changed in the operation process of LED display.

for large LED screen owners,
scientific and reasonable use can also achieve more energy-saving effect.
in terms of playing content,
white screen consumes more power than other screens, avoiding playing white screen for a long time, At the same time, the pictures of various colors are played evenly to avoid excessive attenuation of LED lights of certain primary colors; Equipped with brightness adjustment system, it can automatically adjust the brightness of LED display screen according to the ambient brightness, which can save power and avoid light pollution; As LED has the characteristics of light decay, regular point-to-point correction can reduce the brightness of high LED lights to the average level, and effectively improve the uniformity of LED display.
first of all, it should be noted that energy saving and environmental protection are two concepts.

for LED display, they are respectively.
power consumption and light pollution.

for example, the most common LED display is the bar screen at the shop door, No matter the size, most of them are assembled by P10 modules.
the normal display power consumption of a P10 module is 1.2A.
the power consumption is 1.2A * 5V=6W.
the power consumption of a display screen can be calculated.

appropriately reduce the voltage of the switching power supply (there is a fine-tuning button on the power supply).
for example, when the voltage is adjusted to 4.8V, the power consumption will be reduced by at least 5%, The brightness will also be reduced, so as to achieve the effect of reducing light pollution and energy consumption.

because most of the LED strip screens are used outdoors, the brightness will be reduced if they are covered with dust for a long time, but the current and voltage do not change,The power consumption remains the same.

by reducing the voltage, the power consumption can be reduced without too much brightness reduction. Of course, cleaning the LED surface regularly to remove dust will achieve a win-win effect.
the results show that the LED light-emitting device has a good performance
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