Urgent, general LED advertisement words, sell to who? What is his consumer group?
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Look at the score!
Look at the score
1. The concept of LED advertising is very general. In addition to the lighting cloth, most of the light-emitting signboards you can see on the street are equipped with LED light source inside.
and then the LED display screen.
therefore, there are a wide range of consumer groups.

Urgent, general LED advertisement words, sell to who? What is his consumer group?

signboards are needed where there is business, Another sign is led lights.
what the industry has done well is to seize a certain brand segment.
for example, the financial system (bank), gas stations, car sales segment, and other consumer brands.
relatively speaking.
the consumer groups of LED display are relatively single, not to mention those in small shops, public information segment is the key, square rental space, bus advertising space, Road signs and so on.

2. Server computer hardware.
that is, those technology service companies on the market.
the demand group is also very wide.
let's say several high-level high-quality groups, foreign-funded companies, government agencies, star hotels, sales companies with sales network (automobile 4S stores, supermarkets), banks do not say, The requirements for qualifications are too high.
but the more qualifications you have in this industry, the better.
you also need to have a communication platform (optical fiber) as the backing.
if you only buy and sell equipment.
there is no money to make, and the market transparency is too high. You mainly sell services, such as buying an IBM server or Cisco routing, You need engineers with relevant qualifications.

3. I don't know what freight forwarding is.
literally, that is, debt and credit.
you need a huge capital chain.

4. Wedding companies have many types, including those relying on drinks, dresses, wedding cars, catering development, planning, tourism and business etiquette, Of course, if you are strong enough, you can cooperate with dating programs or matchmaking websitesBundling sales.
to be honest.
in the years when marriage is declining and the economy of the post-80s is tight, everyone tries to keep a low profile and deal with the marriage problem economically.
the market demand is weakening.

these four industries have relatively little competition, There is a wide market.
of course, the final choice is to choose a certain industry according to your actual background.
the consumer group of LED advertising is relatively large, and all those who open their doors to do business are consumers
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