How to synchronize the display of taxi LED advertising screen?
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The characteristics of the LED display can be roughly divided into five points
The characteristics of on-board LED display can be roughly divided into five points:

How to synchronize the display of taxi LED advertising screen?

① high stability and reliability, mainly reflected in the clear presentation of images and text when the vehicle is moving.

② stable power supply system support.
mainly reflected in the consumption of a lot of voltage when the vehicle is driving, if the power supply system is not qualified, It is easy to cause the effect of the display screen.

③ strong working temperature performance.
it is mainly reflected in that the display screen can still present clear pictures and text pictures no matter what the weather affects.

④ super anti-static.
for example, when the voltage amplitude is very strong, if there is no anti-static technology, the display screen will not be clear, The brightness of vehicle display screen can be automatically adjusted according to the light radiation intensity in daytime and night.

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