Urumqi taxi LED advertising screen is which company
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Urumqi taxi led ceiling light screen is the first taxi led ceiling light screen in China, with a total of about 7000 units. It is provided by Dalian Bohai technology, the originator of taxi LED advertising screen. After more than three years of testing, it has been applied stably
Urumqi taxi led ceiling light screen is the first taxi led ceiling light screen in China, with a total of about 7000 sets. It is provided by Dalian Bohai technology, the originator of taxi LED advertising screen, So far, it has been applied stably.
Bohai technology is a LED display company with 20 years of independent R & D and production experience.
Bohai technology's LED display and LED control card have a high reputation in the industry.

Urumqi taxi LED advertising screen is which company

Bohai technology's vehicle display is based on the production of vehicle electrical appliances.
LED display and LED control card, The software and hardware concepts of domestic taxi display industry are basically put forward by Bohai.
Bohai technology's taxi LED information screen standard is about to become the ministerial standard, Bohai technology accounts for the vast majority of shares.
the achievements of Bohai are as follows:
Urumqi taxi display screen
Dalian taxi display screen
Changchun taxi display screen
Ma'anshan taxi display screen
Huzhou taxi display screen
Chongqing taxi display screen
Dandong taxi display screen
Yingkou taxi display screen
Ordos taxi display screen
Liaoyang taxi display screen
Harbin 3800 sets of taxi display screen
Changchun 12000 sets of taxi display screen, the largest single batch order project in China, was also won by Bohai, and more than 9000 sets have been installed, Being put into operation.

advantages of Bohai technology taxi LED screen:
stable performance
Bohai technology owns a large number of core patents of taxi LED screen.
1With rich experience in vehicle electronics and LED display, Bohai technology taxi LED screen has stable performance and low annual repair rate, which is well-known in the industry. Although there are some imitation and infringement counterfeit products in the market, the stability is poor and the repair rate is high. After one year, it is basically scrapped, causing heavy losses to advertisers.
taxi LED screen is a professional niche market, With a high entry threshold, ordinary LED display manufacturers do not have the ability to supply. In the current market, it is difficult for other manufacturers to produce large quantities of long-term stable performance.
outstanding LED advertising management software
Bohai technology is a leading manufacturer of LED advertising management software. After more than ten years of training.
cooperating with many advertising elites, Combined with the inherent characteristics of LED screen, Bohai technology has developed a leading LED advertising management platform.
many advertisers find that led advertising software can not support daily advertising business after purchasing LED screen. After upgrading again and again, the whole system still can not operate normally.
Bohai technology's LED advertising management platform can help small and medium-sized advertisers operate calmly, Learn advanced LED advertising business model. At the same time, it can quickly support the complex business model of large advertisers and cope with the rapidly changing advertising market.
perfect service
from the first domestic taxi LED advertising system till now.
Bohai technology has accumulated rich relevant experience, which can provide product selection, approval application, financing, and other services 1. Media advantages:
1) high coverage.
taxi routes are not fixed.
more access to major commercial areas, business and financial areas, residential areas, airports, stations and other areas,Travel, home,
business Shopping opportunities are exposed to the impact of high-frequency advertising.

2) high arrival rate.
according to the authoritative survey results,
body advertising is the media with the highest arrival rate in outdoor advertising.
therefore, taxi advertising will become the media of great concern in the city.
forcing passengers to accept advertising information compulsively.
the effective arrival rate is very high, 3) high efficiency and low cost.
taxi advertising aims at the target market of the enterprise accurately.
it has the characteristics of large liquidity, wide range, flexible and accurate dissemination of brand information, Taxi advertising is the most active and huge consumer group in the city.
compared with the traditional mass media,
its audience is more targeted, the cost per thousand people is the lowest, and the cost performance is more prominent.

4) high institutionalization.
unlike newspapers and magazines, taxi advertising is less mandatory, which makes the advertised products monopolize space and time, When the audience's attention can not be avoided, establish and
deepen the enterprise management system Product brand image.

5) high repetition rate.
continuous repetition for 20 hours a day.
nearly 600 hours of effective publicity time per car per month.

6) high effective contact rate.
1. Direct audience: People in the back of the taxi or in the car will become the people who contact advertising information most frequently.

2. Indirect audience: local permanent residents.
2 However, there is no regional restriction on taxi mobility,It can travel to every corner of the town. It has deep influence, wide range and large audience. It is not limited by time and route. It can carry advertisements to convey information to the masses anytime and anywhere, It is incomparable with other advertisements.

8) new media.
taxis have the characteristics of "chasing the crowd" that any other media does not have.
that is, taxis will take the initiative to find crowded areas to stay.
taxi LED advertising
as a new media, will attract great attention of the whole market and have the opportunity to form a sensation, According to the statistics of quark market research company, the average cost per thousand people of magazines is the highest, which is 20.8 yuan, followed by 20.64 yuan for TV ads, 10.28 yuan for newspaper ads, 4.43 yuan for radio ads, and 1.19 yuan for car body ads, Taxi LED advertising is only a few cents.

10) strong visual impact.
the height of the car body advertising is just the same as the pedestrian line of sight.
it can spread advertising information to the audience in a short distance to achieve the maximum visual opportunity.

at the same time.
for drivers, Advertising is particularly eye-catching.

2. Several data in the Research Report on taxi led media effect
1) the arrival rate of taxi led media is as high as 98.3%.

2) media acceptance: the audience's acceptance of taxi led media is relatively high.
reaches 72%.

3) media attention: the audience shows great / comparative attention to taxi led media To 59%.
4) focus on media content: 57% of the audience pay attention to the content in the media.

5) media preference: 69% of the audience show that they like the media very much.

6) advertising cognition rate: 54%.

7) advertising recall rate: correct information transmission and good memory performance.
72 %

8) advertising recommendation: the audience will recommend the advertising content to other people.
nearly 70%.

3. Compared with other media

1. The advertisements in newspapers are messy.
the publishing cost is high, the audience's arrival rate is low, and the readers' cultural level, professional background and professional background are low The audience of taxi LED LCD is mainly for urban private car owners, whose consumption power is concentrated on the purchase of cars, real estate and luxury goods, and most of the audience has a certain social status This is also what enterprises want to see.

2. The cost of TV advertising is too high.
generally, advertising is arranged in the golden period (usually around 7-9 o'clock at this time). Most people eat out, have fun, watch TV at home, jump to the platform, or take time to do other things (such as the bathroom, Most of the people watching TV at home are ordinary citizens with low consumption ability, so it is only suitable for ordinary fast consumer goods advertising for the public.
moreover, it has strong selectivity, and the audience has strong selectivity for the channel, so there is almost no compulsion.
there is no compulsion
3. Some enterprises advertise on the bus.
the disadvantages are that the bus can't cross the line, and the mobility is not strong. The pertinence and audience level of the bus advertising are generally low, while the taxi can cross the line, and the mobility is strong and random.
compared with the LED display, the obvious disadvantage is that the crowd level is too low, The consumption ability is too weak, and it is only suitable for advertising some popular fast moving consumer goods. Moreover, the bus route is fixed, and the mobility is not strong, and the car body price is high, which makes many enterprises flinch.

taxi LED LCD has the advantages of low investment cost, strong liquidity, high compulsion, low cost and high cost The characteristics of high-level audience are more suitable for high-grade product advertising, and have irreplaceable advantages for
enterprise brand market.

4 In addition, its 24 minute hundreds of advertisements disperse its audience space of only three minutes.
less than 10 million customers are lost to other media channels every year.

5. Most of the passengers in the taxi are of broad social class, high personal quality, professional background and high income, There is also a certain amount of people in the unit.
if you are looking at advertisements at this time,
you will call immediately when you have a demand.
according to statistics, taxi traffic is large, the audience arrival rate is high, and the pertinence is strong.
taxi advertisements have more advantages than newspaper columns, newspaper columns, and so on
TV advertising has more unique advantages.
each car only costs a few cents a day.
the advertising content can also be changed in the middle of the day.
TV advertising has more unique advantagesIf the frequency is high, the effect will be more obvious for customers.

IV. price advantage

1. Second hour length: 30 seconds / time
2. Number of advertising vehicles: the customers set according to the actual needs
3. Only one cent is needed for each display

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