Is led screen advertisement illegal?
Author:Shen diaojuan Time:2021-10-05 14:39 Browse(778)
Hello 1. Whether there are formal procedures, if there are formal departments for approval, and if there are government approval documents, it is not illegal; If there is no approval, it is illegal
2. Whether the advertisements on LED screen are in line with the national regulations, and there are no bad advertisements or adverse effects
3. Whether the sound and light of LED screen will affect the normal rest and travel of human beings. For example, many drivers who are on the road at night may report to the relevant departments and order them to rectify. It can also be reflected that some people are disturbed by voices

Is led screen advertisement illegal?

I hope I can help you. If you need technical support, you can communicate with me! It shouldn't be. Anyway, it's all through the formal process and submitted to the relevant government departments for approval. The so-called urban lighting project. However, I feel that the city is too much and messy, which does not reflect the beauty of the city. On the contrary, I feel that it is "chaotic"
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