How to change led display content
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Release time: June 6, 2013
Release time: June 6, 2013 news source: first article of Tongpu Technology: what details should we pay attention to when making LED display customized? Next: what are the advantages of LED display compared with traditional advertising? LED display as a way of advertising has been very common, its publicity effect has exceeded many people's expectations, in the use of LED display to send advertising information convenient at the same time, a lot of new friends will ask, how do I change the words on the LED display, is it through the mobile phone, computer, or U disk to replace it? In fact, it's not very difficult. Every LED display is equipped with a control card and software. After the screen is installed, connect the control card and the power supply, copy the software to the computer, and you can directly operate it on the computer, which can modify the text content and scan mode, Generally, we recommend using USB or GPRS.

How to change led display content

it can save time and effort. If you use GSM SMS control card in LED display, you can use your mobile phone to replace the advertising content on the display, and you can send and change the advertising subtitles by editing SMS; If you are using the U disk control card, If you want to change the content on the LED screen through the computer,
this method is more selective.
but it still depends on the actual demand.
for example, some stores use it in their own stores.
we would recommend using wired control card, It can be sent through the computer.
or it is recommended to use the U-disk control card instead of connecting the line.
if you want to change the advertising content, you can directly use the U-disk to copy it.
if the LED displays are distributed in various districts.
or the bus stops,If you want to send them collectively, it's easy and fast.
it's recommended to use GPRS wireless control card.
edit the content in the computer software and send it in groups with one click.
save time.
save effort.

I hope it can help you.
modify the LED display software on the computer.
modify the content and send it to the display,,
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