What if the LED electronic display does not show subtitles?
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There are many reasons that led display only lights up but no words appear.
There are many reasons for the LED display screen only lighting but no words.

What if the LED electronic display does not show subtitles?

1. The problem of water leakage may be related to water leakage.
due to improper rain proof measures, there is water immersion after rain.
it causes the circuit board short circuit.
and then forms garbled code.
in case of this situation.
Jianyi immediately finds the supplier or maintenance manufacturer for repair.

2 Data transmission problem
the control circuit is faulty.
focus on the power supply and signal input part of the screen.
such as the damage of the control system board, the damage of the data line interface, the damage of the data line and the reverse connection.
all can cause this situation.

3 Wiring problem
in the case of excluding the power supply problem.
test whether the power supply of the module in the bad position is normal (if the first abnormal block is dark and bright, 80% of it is power supply problem).

4. Software or control card problem
LED display parameters are not set properly.
at this time, it is necessary to determine the scanning configuration problem, generally 1 / 4 scanning; If it is not a software problem, check the control card; If you can't get it right, you have to contact the service provider.

extended data
LED displays are classified in various ways as follows:
1. They are divided into indoor, outdoor and semi outdoor according to the use environment.

2. They are divided into monochrome according to color.
two primary colors and three primary colors (full color).

3   According to the control or use mode, it can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous.

4. According to the pixel density or pixel diameter.

5. According to the display performance, it can be divided into video display (generally full-color display).
text display (generally single primary color display),Graphic display screen (generally double primary color display screen), market display screen (generally digital tube or single primary color display screen).

6. According to the display device, it can be divided into LED digital display screen.
LED dot matrix graphic display screen, LED video display screen.

7 According to the development direction, it can be divided into advertising media display screen.
Industrial indicator display screen.
1. Confirm that the graphics card is set up.
2. Confirm that the green light of the sending card is on
3. RCG can only be set up or not.
whether the green light on the receiving card of the display screen is flashing.
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