Is there any heat conducting material for LED display
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Generally speaking, the display screen should not be made of thermal conductive material, because its main function is stimulated emission, and there is no heat exchange. Generally, all kinds of semiconductor luminescent materials are used
Generally, the display screen should not be made of heat-conducting materials, because its main function is stimulated emission and there is no heat exchange.
generally, all kinds of semiconductor light-emitting materials are used, and the questions asked by the building owners are too general.
basically, advertisements are used upstairs
there are a lot of information about LED, and it's also very wide. You can learn from some knowledge of LED display screen itself, such as pixel spacing, model, pixel number, module size, scanning mode, and so on, so as to learn more about chips, ICs, and some packages; Now the network is very developed, information on the Internet can be found
LED manufacturers: I am referring to LED display manufacturers: for example, the main production bases of LED display are in Shenzhen, which can basically radiate the global market. There are thousands of companies with large scale and poor quality. There are more representative middle and high-end manufacturers such as Shenzhen Tongpu, LianJian, Yuanheng, etc. Besides Shenzhen, there are also many other manufacturers in China, such as Beijing Riad Shanghai Sansi, Nanjing lop and Xi'an Qingsong are all excellent manufacturers of LED display! There are buck, Dako, lighthouse and so on in the world. You need to understand these materials slowly
"Changsha Bo Ri" to be honest, what I haven't heard of here may be more local, more single and double color

Is there any heat conducting material for LED display

I suggest you: if you want to install a full-color LED display project, I suggest you consult with the manufacturer and visit the manufacturer by the way. Considering the scale, technology and quality, you can find a suitable manufacturer for your cooperation
if you want to do monochrome and look for it locally, many signboard stores, advertising companies and weak current companies are selling this led display screen. You can consult with the local people! You can also look on the street which monochrome quality do well, the effect is good, to consult the owner, and then find that do it
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