What is the development trend of LED display in the next 20 years?
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Since 2009, the market demand of LED full-color large screen has been increasing rapidly
Since 2009, the market demand of LED full-color large screen has been increasing rapidly. The contract amount of major LED large screen manufacturers has increased by 20% compared with the same period of last year, and some even nearly doubled compared with the same period of last year.
there are many new companies entering the field of full-color large screen.

What is the development trend of LED display in the next 20 years?

the results are also excellent.
compared with previous years.
this year, the market started early and there are many large projects, More than a dozen projects with more than 10 million yuan have been implemented.
in the third quarter.
many major projects have entered the bidding stage.
another characteristic is that the projects invested by enterprises have increased significantly.
these projects include the application in commercial advertising.
it can be said.
as a commercial advertising media, LED large screen has been silent for nearly a decade, Once again, it is favored by the advertising industry.
at the same time.
the export situation of full-color screen is also encouraging.
at the beginning of September,
held the annual light Expo in Shenzhen, which is a big exhibition of LED industry in the past year.
LED large screen.
LED lighting, LED traffic lights, LED production equipment, test equipment, etc, This shows that the new climax of China's LED industry has arrived.
the author believes that.
this exhibition is a sign that China's LED industry has reached a turning point of localization.
internationally renowned LED light-emitting tube manufacturers.
screen manufacturers have also begun to move to China on a large scale, and the mainland of China will become a manufacturing center of LED and its products.
there is a broad market Good investment environment and low labor cost make China gradually become the manufacturing center of the world's electronic industryJust like computers, mobile phones, TV sets and other electronic products, China is also the manufacturing center of LED large screen industry.

as a long-term scientific and technological worker engaged in the research and development of LED large screen.
the author has been concerned about the development of China's LED large screen industry and the new achievements of international large screen display industry.
three years ago.
in the article "Discussion on the development of LED large screen"
I, Talking about several application fields and characteristics of LED large screen in China, But the increasing demand for commercial advertising is also a very important development trend.
it can be said.
China's LED full-color large screen industry is ushering in a new climax.
carefully study the new situation of market development and technological progress.
take the right countermeasures, Seize the opportunity, rapidly improve and continue to develop Shenzhen's old brand LED display, ultra-thin, high definition, high brightness LED display factory --- Shenzhen kangshuo exhibition Electronics Co., Ltd,
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