What should be paid attention to when purchasing LED display screen?
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[Shenzhen kemeisen pure optoelectronics]
[Shenzhen kemeisen pure optoelectronics]

with the popularization and application of LED display screen and the good trend of market development, LED display screen businesses of large and small are springing up like mushrooms.

What should be paid attention to when purchasing LED display screen?

pedestrian streets, public squares, roadsides and other places are full of LED display screen video advertisements, competing for wonders, and everyone is happy, It's a wonderful scene.

winter is coming and spring is coming.
it's only a year and a half, but many new looking LED displays are beginning to "fade" and "fade" one after another; It is obvious to all advertisers that the service provided by manufacturers is not up to standard, and they lack corresponding technology, so they have to be anxious; Advertisers can't bear to see it - they invest a huge amount of advertising expenses, but they can't achieve the expected effect.
it's reasonable to say that "good brand, good place, good advertisement, good display, good effect and good income" should be a good plan for win-win in many ways, but in the end, it's "three failures all hurt."

What's the problem? The problem lies in the word "good."
no one has a unified, positive and quantifiable standard for how to be good.
products with poor quality or manufacturers with low reputation will affect the operation, service, maintenance and income of buyers themselves. Instead of saving costs, they will cause economic and social losses

every customer wants to buy a good display screen.
every business says what they sell is a good display screen.
even some manufacturers say that the technology is more and more mature now.
the technology gap is getting smaller and smaller. If you use the same LED light, the effect looks similar,In fact, these are all misunderstandings.
take the automobile industry, which has a history of more than 200 years.
using the same engine and spare parts to assemble cars, different manufacturers, production lines, technicians and assembly technologies, the performance and value of the cars produced are completely different.
the cars have the same good chips, process design and assembly technology A set of LED display technology solutions for control system, etc., the product results made by different manufacturers are quite different.

how to let customers clearly understand the differences of products.
avoid the huge loss caused by one-sided temptation; At the same time, we should avoid those competitors who have ulterior motives to confuse the market

in fact, enterprises should be divided into three types: brand type, OEM type and processing type.
the main materials used are divided into three levels: high-quality, common and inferior, and the products are evaluated as a, B, C and C according to the quality D four levels.

if the pursuit of quality effect, of course, only choose A-level products produced by brand enterprises with high-quality main materials; If we pursue high cost performance, we will naturally choose B-class products produced by brand enterprises with common main materials; Those who blindly pursue low price can only choose B / C grade products produced by OEM enterprises with high-quality main materials.

from the perspective of main materials and display effect, the products with high-quality main materials are also used.
after 4-5 years of use, the performance of A-grade products slightly drops to the upper middle level of B-grade; Grade B products have been reduced to grade B in less than one year and grade C in 3-4 years; The C-level quality has poor gray level, no hierarchy, serious color deviation and obvious mosaic,The price and operation cost of A-class products are about 30% higher than that of B-class products.
the normal service life of A-class products is 6 years, and that of B-class products is about 3 years.
for example, the screen with the same area is 6 million yuan, with an average annual cost of 1 million yuan; The price of B-class products is 30% lower than that of B-class products, that is, 4.2 million yuan, with an average annual cost of 1.4 million yuan.
the investment of A-class products is 400000 yuan less than that of B-class products on average every year.
the total cost saved in six years is 2.4 million yuan.
this does not calculate the different advertising effects, energy-saving costs, energy-saving costs caused by different quality Next, let's see if the effect of the same material is really similar. Why is the price difference still several thousand yuan per square meter for example, Kerui lamp is also specified.
there are three combination schemes for LianJian optoelectronic products:

the first type of basic satisfaction - General playback control system, with simple protection treatment, long-term lighting, no blind light and flash point, and the products reach the level of B, Can only meet the general basic needs of customers

second kinds of seven year old models -- a series of anti-aging measures have been adopted on the basic type, and an advanced broadcasting and control system with on-site point by point correction capability has been adopted, so that the display screen can maintain the new performance for six years, and long-term stability at level a.
meets the customers' pursuit of quality display effect.
, but there is no special requirement for energy saving. Br>
the third energy-saving model is further improved on the basis of the seven-year Changliang model,By adopting series of energy consumption control technology, the display screen can not only be stable at A-level for a long time, but also save energy and consumption, saving 50% of operation (electricity) cost.
to meet the needs of customers who want to reduce operation cost and maximize benefits.

in order to win more in outdoor advertising, only high-quality LED equipment can be used, It's the long-term way.

of course, kemeisen!] It is the application of LED display technology to the extreme, in order to achieve extremely perfect visual effect and resolution.
in addition,
another important aspect of buying LED display screen is the design of appearance and shape. At present, it has been able to customize the LED display screen, price and playback content according to the design and shape of buildings. When choosing, the brand factor, price and content should be considered There are different trade-offs between the life of display screen and the choice of front or rear maintenance; Of course, we should also consider the load-bearing capacity of the installation site, the brightness around the installation site, the viewing distance and viewing angle of the audience, the weather and climate conditions of the installation site, whether it is rain proof, whether it is ventilated and heat dissipation, and other external conditions, such as the 2008 Olympic Games and Spring Festival Gala party.
we need to pay attention to the fire safety level of the installation site, the energy saving standard of the project, and so on; Of course, I didn't understand it as well as you when I first contacted LED display purchasing.
this is based on the different needs of each project.
for example, for pixels,
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