Can led display screen play hospital advertisement
Author:Pan Chuanfu Time:2021-10-12 17:57 Browse(32)
LED display can play hospital advertisements, but it can be divided into several situations:

Can led display screen play hospital advertisement

1; As long as you install your own display screen, and then find a company to make a hospital video, you can play it on the LED screen through the computer; But this kind of investment, if the location is outdoor, will have to go to the local urban management or planning to examine and approve, indoor words do not have this requirement
2. Your hospital wants to advertise on the LED display screen invested by others. This is more simple. You just need to find the owner of the display screen (generally, there is a telephone on the display screen), negotiate with him about the advertising fee, and then ask him to help you make or provide your own promotional film, Then your advertisement can be played on the LED display screen (Note: the content of the advertisement should be positive, and those banned can't be publicized by the public)
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