How to change words on LED display?
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In general, there are three ways to set up:
There are generally three ways to set: 1. Add two single line text, and then typeset. But note that the text can not be superimposed, sometimes it will not be displayed. 2. Add multiple lines of text and edit it directly. 3. Import text directly. Many control software support the import of word text, which can be edited directly in the word text and then imported., The LED electronic screen needs special software to do the word uploading (take LedshowTW as an example)
two. You can create and open a file
three. First of all, set the screen parameter to adjust the LED parameters after buying it. You must first scan and save the

How to change words on LED display?

four. The main two blocks are set first. The first is time. There are many formats in time, and the default appears in the upper left corner. It can be enlarged and adjusted
five, select USB Download and set the time. Then plug it into the U port of the screen and upload it automatically.
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