How to manage outdoor advertising?
Author:Yu Wencong Time:2021-09-28 10:13 Browse(504)
I'm just a designer
I'm just a designer. Let's talk about my opinion:

How to manage outdoor advertising?

first of all, it's normal for this kind of advertisement to lose money in one month or two months, mainly for years. Don't worry, advertisers are slow to find. Secondly, advertising companies can't make profits only by their position. Now they focus on a full range of services, and outdoor advertising is your advantage. Then they should cooperate with other media in combination with outdoor advertising, and don't isolate themselves. You can also act as an agent for TV advertising, so that you can promote a series of comprehensive services. County, do not know what kind of county, I think the county must not be as strong as the city, ha ha, so your price is too high
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