I do LED display, mainly to do the domestic market, listen to friends say Baidu and Sogou better, how to use ah? Please give me some advice. Thank you
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The demand of outdoor advertisement is getting higher and higher
With the increasing demand of outdoor advertising, the era of LED will be ushered in.

the limited memory space of the audience and the unlimited information dissemination make attention gradually become a scarce resource, and the media has become the third largest social force besides capital and technology.

I do LED display, mainly to do the domestic market, listen to friends say Baidu and Sogou better, how to use ah? Please give me some advice. Thank you

the change of lifestyle drives the development of outdoor media.
after the audience differentiation of radio, television, newspapers and magazines, Outdoor media has become a real mass media, and its unique value can not be replaced.

with the advantages of high arrival rate, low cost per thousand people.
outdoor media has become the fastest growing advertising media in 2005.
according to the data of CTR, a leading domestic market research institution.
in 2005, when the newspaper media had a negative growth of 1%, the growth rate of outdoor media was as high as 79%, It has already occupied 5% of the market share, and will maintain a strong momentum of continuous growth.

with the progress of social science and technology and the development of outdoor advertising.
People's requirements for outdoor media are also higher and higher, such as traditional road signs, light boxes, single columns, and so on Neon and other forms of single outdoor media have been unable to meet the needs of the audience.
the competition in the outdoor advertising market will be the competition of brand value, customer management and professional quality.
therefore, led began to emerge.
large LED display is the perfect combination of technology and media.
it can give full play to this concept, In the 1990s, led full-color display is a new type of information display media developed rapidly all over the world.
it uses a large area display screen composed of lattice modules or pixel units composed of light-emitting diodes, and combines many modern high and new technologies such as microelectronics, optics, computer, information processing, etc,It has a series of advantages, such as strong adaptability to the environment, high energy saving, long life, changeful, environmental friendly, high-tech and so on.
LED display screen not only has high brightness and contrast, but also can display dynamic pictures and text. It has active lighting and high remote resolution. Even if it is 100 meters away, the visual effect is the same as watching TV at home,

it has been widely used in public places and traffic arteries with a large number of people.

in addition to advertising, it can also release information and enrich people's cultural and entertainment life. It is a popular information media for audiences. It has been widely used in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other big cities in China, and has received good results.
focus media, a famous domestic advertising company The Oriental Pearl Mobile has entered the outdoor LED market, and it also shows the vitality of the market..

predicts that.
will meet billions of dollars in the demand for various LED displays in the next few years, and it is increasing.
every year. In China.
, according to the statistics of the LED display panel of the national Photonics Industry Association, Last year, the sales volume of the whole LED display industry was about 4 billion yuan. With China's accession to the WTO, the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will bring more eye-catching economy, and the state's attention to environmental protection and other favorable factors, the LED display industry has made great progress in sports, outdoor advertising, environmental protection and other fields The market of transportation and many other fields will increase significantly.
experts predict that the demand growth rate of LED full-color screen in the domestic market will reach more than 30%.

at present, the famous LED display manufacturers in the world include Barco of Belgium, Daktronics and Lighthouse of the United StatesThe domestic ones are Shanghai Sansi, Dalian Luming, Shenzhen BOE, Huizhou Desai, etc.
the technological level of China's LED display industry is relatively advanced.
the main products and key technologies can keep up with the advanced level of the international industry, but the technological level is relatively backward, such as product standardization, overall system design, reliability, manufacturing process, and so on There is a significant gap with the international advanced level in detection and testing methods http://www.sign51.cn/news/detail.php?id=1057.
However, the technology level is relatively backward, and there is a significant gap with the international advanced level in product standardization, overall system design, reliability, manufacturing process, detection and testing means, etc.
the technology level is relatively backward
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