What is outdoor advertising?
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Expand all the advantages of outdoor large-scale electronic display screen for advertising:

What is outdoor advertising?

1. It breaks the static constraints of conventional spray painting advertising, gives people a visual sense, and can attract people's eyes better

2. It breaks the quantitative constraints of conventional spray painting advertising, and generally spray painting can display a picture, while the video of the display screen can be played in a day cycle, There are many quantity and times

3. It can set off the strength of an enterprise

4. It can become a landmark, and its popularity can be significantly improved to launch all

if you need to launch, you can search youyouyoulup outdoor advertising program trading platform, on which you can choose the media form you want to launch, and broadcast advertisements through auction, There is no launch threshold on this platform, which breaks the traditional way of scheduling sales.
in the traditional way, you have to contract all the equipment with the same property for a minimum of one week, which can't be terminated at any time, and the price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. However, in youyou Lupu, you can support single play, and you can create your own launch plan at any time. You can control the launch process in time, and the price ranges from a few cents to a few cents, It is much more convenient and affordable than the traditional mode
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