How much is a square meter of P10 outdoor full color LED display
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1、 Let's first talk about the price of P10 outdoor full color LED display:
1、 Let's first talk about the price of P10 outdoor full-color LED display:
this price is not necessarily easy to say, it needs to be calculated in detail according to your construction site and construction needs, including the following aspects (the approximate reference price is about 4800):

How much is a square meter of P10 outdoor full color LED display

1, waterproof box
2, waterproof water tank with aviation plug
3, aluminum box and waterproof aluminum box (default is iron box)
4, steel structure
5 The general display screen does not include the system, such as computer, influence, video converter, etc.
the specific price still needs you to consult some manufacturers and companies. According to your actual needs, it's better to see the scene, so the price is meaningful.

2 The area is calculated according to your actual site needs.
for example, your site is 8 * 6m.

generally, the P10 module is 160 * 160mm.

first, the width is 6 / 0.16=37.5.
round to 37, The width of the module is 37 * 0.16=5.92m.
the actual width is 5.92 + 0.09=6.01m.

the length is 8 / 0.16=50.
the width of the module is 50 * 0.16=8m.
with the actual border, it is 8 + 0.09=8.09m.

the general algorithm is this.
or that, it depends on your specific needs and site.

when choosing the construction party.
do more comparison and consultation, It's better to inspect the company and products on the spot, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble in the future.

Shunxing fengshuo will serve you, you can't just look at the quotation.
we're looking forward to seeing youBecause the lamp, drive IC and control system used are different, the price difference will be very big. Of course, the effect will also be very different. The 2000 yuan quoted by the manufacturer does not include the switching power supply, control system, cabinet and installation cost.

according to your use.
I'll give you a suggestion, and then you can find the quotation (these materials are already the lowest, If it's lower than this, I'm afraid the quality will really have a big problem):
lamp: Taiwan Guanglei
Power: Chuanglian (and at least two 200W per square meter)
control system: use Liyan cl2005 (type 2 card)
drive IC: generally 595, if there is 5026, it's better (static state, 1 / 4 scan, other brightness is too low).
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