LED full color (outdoor) display technician salary how much!
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Did you make the LED screen?
Did you make the LED screen
it also depends on your manufacturing skills and technology. If the salary is not much higher, your salary will be higher. Ordinary is popular, the salary will not be very high, about 1500 per month! It's mainly regional
if your technology is very good, every customer will be very satisfied, even exceed the customer's expectation, which can reach 3000-5000, but the main idea is that the salary of the people who conceive is high, and you are an executor. You can tell us your needs, such as outdoor full-color LED display area, outdoor full-color LED display specifications, and so on, Different demand prices are not the same, Shenzhen Jiadi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional outdoor full-color LED display manufacturers, according to demand pricing

LED full color (outdoor) display technician salary how much!

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