What are the types of outdoor advertising and indoor advertising? What are their applications?
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Now the advertising machine is mainly divided into outdoor (LED advertising machine) and indoor (LCD advertising machine)
At present, the advertising machine is mainly divided into outdoor (LED advertising machine) and indoor (LCD advertising machine)

What are the types of outdoor advertising and indoor advertising? What are their applications?

LED advertising machine is a practical and new consumption frontier dynamic advertising information release media.
the light source in the sphere is ultra-high brightness LED (light emitting diode) array with large viewing angle.
the built-in microcomputer chip processes the pictures and texts edited by personal computer and stored in memory At the same time, driven by the brushless DC motor, it rotates at a high speed, and under the effect of human visual persistence phenomenon, The pictures and texts that users want will magically appear and float in the 360 ゜ visual space in the sphere.
the jewel like crystal clear sphere.
the colorful dynamic pictures and texts will bring people a new visual experience.

LCD advertising machine
LCD advertising machine is commonly referred to as LCD advertising machine.
the structure of LCD is in two pieces of parallel glass There are many vertical and horizontal wires between the two pieces of glass, which can control the direction of rod-shaped crystal molecules through power on or not, and refract the light to produce pictures.
at present, the main screens used in LCD advertising machines on the market are imported LG.
Samsung, The difference between LCD advertising machine and LED advertising machine is mainly in the aspect of display.
the brightness of LED is relatively strong, and the remote view is very clear, so it is suitable for outdoor; The brightness of LCD is not as high as that of LED, and it is very clear at close view, so it is suitable for indoor.

the display effect of LED is not as strong as that of LCD.
LCD can achieve high definition.
LCD can achieve high definition

Advertising media
refers to information media.
what most people think of directly is newspapers, radio, television Or the Internet.
but today's information publishers are no longer satisfied with these traditional information channels that have a wide audience but no specific target.
the information media market is changing from mass marketing to focus marketing.
in the era of product and consumer segmentation.
the limitation of traditional media is that it is unable to effectively distinguish the target audience of the product.

in the era of multi video marketing In the field of media information.
information customers and information companies are trying to explore more emerging terminal network channels as information dissemination platforms.
traditional newspapers, radio, television and Internet are known as the four major media.
the "fifth media" refers to a large number of high-end buildings, hotels, shopping malls, chain stores, banks, cinemas, stations, airports, subways, buses, shopping malls Taxis and other public places have formed a new type of media, in which independent media playback devices are installed separately, and unified professional advertising and multimedia information are broadcast.

media playback system is a platform for "the fifth media" transmission, release, management and control.
it is gradually applied in all walks of life, It plays an immeasurable role in the rapid and effective dissemination of multimedia information.
media playing system has great market potential in the "fifth media" market and other multimedia information publishing and operation fields.
at the same time, it can also be applied to large-scale sports and cultural entertainment activities.
such as the Olympic Games, expositions, etc, And the information release of major domestic and international conferences.

the fifth media use equipment includes "advertising machine, Bluetooth advertising machine.
Internet advertising machine, LCD advertising machine, building LCD advertising machine, vehicle LCD advertising machine, Frame LCD advertising machine, landing LCD advertising machine, touch LCD advertising machine, button LCD advertising machine", etc.
advertising machine applications

advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment that uses standard LCD and LCD TV.
through networking and multimedia system control to realize information display and video advertising.

advertising machine mainly realizes building / outdoor LCD advertising: refers to commercial buildings.
stores, supermarkets, campus and other channels, The commercial terminal advertising system in the form of LCD screen or LCD screen is used to broadcast TV advertising programs and other programs.

it mainly includes eight main channels: commercial buildings, supermarkets, aviation terminals, hospitals, pharmacies, outdoor large LCD, bus rental, school campuses, train stations, Other channels, etc.

LCD in commercial buildings: LCD commercial terminal advertising system installed in urban office buildings.
the LCD commercial terminal advertising system installed in apartment buildings is generally installed at the elevator entrance. The scope of this study includes Street LCD network, but does not include golf courses, cinemas and other channels.

bus rental mobile TV LCD: refers to bus rental, LCD commercial terminal advertising system installed on vehicles such as private cars.

outdoor large LCD screen: abbreviation of light emitting diode.
LCD screen is divided into graphic display and video display.
both are composed of LCD matrix blocks.
outdoor large LCD screen mainly refers to the large commercial terminal used in commercial center.
hanging on buildings Advertising system, the general area of more than 100 square meters.

advertising machine classification function classification: single version LCD advertising machine, network version LCD advertising machine, touch screen advertising machine, Bluetooth advertising machine. Application scope: indoor advertising machine, outdoor highlight advertising machine, vehicle advertising machine The display modes of did liquid crystal splicing wall (because it can be subdivided in the room / inside): horizontal liquid crystal advertising machine, vertical liquid crystal advertising machine, split screen liquid crystal advertising machine, wall mounted liquid crystal advertising machine, composite mirror advertising machine, multimedia information publishing system: liquid crystal all-in-one machine, network player box (including ess, SIGEMA design8635 Webdt, etc. [1] the better advertising machine brands in the market are LCD advertising machines.
in this paper, we introduce the development of LCD advertising machineAt present, the advertising machine manufacturers in the market include traditional TV manufacturers such as Mercedes technology, Broadview Bonan technology, Yiyan technology, Yusong technology and some professional advertising mechanism manufacturers.
other LCD terminal markets refer to cafes.
KTV, community, restaurants, Advertising machines in non mainstream channels such as subway need the support of multimedia player system of Internet advertising machines.
the multimedia player system of Internet advertising machines uses intelligent management module on the player side to realize remote management and control of the player.
it also realizes complete network protocol and remote management and control functions on the server side.
it can realize flexible management of remote terminals. The quality of multimedia broadcasting is not limited by the bandwidth, and the channel is not limited by the server. There can be any number of channels, even each terminal has its own channel.
the server architecture adopts the common stream service system.
it realizes the innovative distributed domain management technology and load balancing technology, There is no limit to the number of terminals.
it can not only manage hundreds of players in a centralized and unified way, but also manage them in a hierarchical and distributed way.
advertising machines can be used for information / advertisement publishing in local area networks of buildings, buildings and offices.
through routers, optical cables, man, PSTN, etc.
the system can even be distributed all over the world, The networking system of advertising machine consists of the following devices: 1. Multimedia information machine 2. Console computer 3. Server 4 Network equipment and cable.
as the terminal of the multimedia information publishing system, the multimedia information machine is an integrated special embedded computer.
it is characterized by powerful multimedia information processing ability.
the system has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost and low costIt includes: → real-time video and audio decoding → real-time video and audio playback → compatible with a variety of image, animation and audio formats. It has Ethernet interface and supports centralized control through TCP / IP network.
classification function of advertising machine: single LCD advertising machine, network LCD advertising machine, touch screen advertising machine The application scope of Bluetooth advertising machine is indoor advertising machine (building LCD advertising machine), outdoor highlight advertising machine (LED advertising machine), bus advertising machine (vehicle LCD advertising machine), horizontal LCD advertising machine with display mode, vertical LCD advertising machine, split screen LCD advertising machine, wall mounted LCD advertising machine, horizontal LCD advertising machine with information frame, horizontal LCD advertising machine with information frame, horizontal LCD advertising machine with information frame, vertical LCD advertising machine with information frame, vertical LCD advertising machine with information frame, vertical LCD advertising machine with information frame, vertical LCD advertising machine with information frame, vertical LCD advertising machine Multimedia information publishing system LCD all in one machine, network player box (including ess, SIGEMA design8621, SIGEMA design8623, SIGEMA design8635, Sunplus sphe 1001, amms-x86, gzjdn-smgn3, webdt, etc.) application introduction: LCD screen.
the surface is equipped with steel glass protective surface, and the side is aluminum alloy edging.
2 It can be played from the following aspects: -- CF card (compact flash card) -- USB flash disk -- SD card 3. There is no need to dismantle the machine.
through the external USB flash disk, you can update the contents of CF card (compact flash card) or SD card.
4. You can set the playing time every day.
it can automatically switch on and off the machine to play. It supports different settings seven days a week and the same every day. The default is set by day; 5. Scrolling Subtitles: two scrolling modes are supported.
2From right to left, from bottom to top; The speed is divided into slow, normal and fast; The foreground color and background color of subtitles can be changed.
6. Logo display of the company can be selected in the upper right corner and the upper left corner.
the logo display time and disappearance time can be set.
7. Protection function.
can effectively prevent the CF card from changing at will.
8. Equipped with two high-quality stereo speakers.
9. Equipped with professional bracket.
it is fast and easy to use.
10 It supports the function of playing list.
you can set the specified file to play every day.

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