What are the forms of outdoor advertising?
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1. Billboard advertising: in outdoor advertising, billboard advertising is the most typical
1. Signboard advertising: in outdoor advertising, signboard advertising is the most typical one.

What are the forms of outdoor advertising?

it is characterized by being set up in downtown areas. The better the location, the more pedestrians there will be, so the stronger the effect of advertising will be.
therefore, the specific environment of signboard is the road.
its object is the dynamic pedestrians, so the signboard images are mostly in the form of pictures and pictures, with eye-catching pictures and concise words, so that people can understand them as soon as they read, It has the visual effect of quick impression capture.
now the development trend of road sign advertising is gradually using computer design and printing (or computer direct printing).
its picture is eye-catching and realistic, with strong three-dimensional sense, which reproduces the charm of the goods. It is most effective in establishing the urban image of the goods (brands), and it is convenient to post and exchange.
the materials used are also rain proof, light-emitting, light-emitting and light-emitting The sun protection function.
the painting form of plane layout can no longer make full use of the good road section media.
therefore, the three-dimensional modeling technique of long strip connection and automatic circuit control are used to make the billboard advertisement flip regularly.
in this way.
three different advertisements can be placed in the position of one billboard, And because of its flipping effect, it is more attractive.
this kind of electric dynamic billboard advertising is a popular trend in the world today.
after the billboard is replaced by paper and flexible materials.
there will be more large-scale poster advertising and large-scale light box advertising, whether it's outside or inside, It's as clear as day.
the light inside is made of flexible material, which rotates on three sides.
the light outside is made of triangle, which turns on three sides.
this kind of large outdoor billboard with multiple pictures is not only dynamic, but also exquisite in shape, and has many functions.
it not only conveys all kinds of information.
it also guides pedestrians and forecasts the weather.
in addition,
the back of the billboard is beautified, It becomes a road sign that can be seen on both sides
2. Neon advertising: neon advertising is one of the main forms of outdoor lighting advertising.
its media features are the use of new technology, new means, new materials, in the form of expression to attract the attention of the audience with light, color, dynamic and other characteristics, so as to improve the acceptance rate of information.
neon advertising is generally set in the highest point of the city It not only plays the role of billboard advertisement and signboard advertisement in the daytime, but also plays the role of embellishing the night scene of the city with its bright colors at night.

3 Public transport advertising: public transport advertising, such as car and boat advertising, is a kind of media widely used in outdoor advertising.
its role in transmitting information can not be ignored.
advertisers can use this kind of advertising to repeatedly transmit information to the public.
therefore, it is a high-frequency mobile advertising media.
especially when public transport vehicles travel to and from the main streets of the city center.
in car advertising Advertising on both sides of the car or on the front and rear of the car has a wide coverage, and the advertising effect is particularly strong.
most of this kind of outdoor advertising still adopts the traditional painting form.
combined with some computer printing and mounting methods.
the types of installing outdoor advertising can be divided into two categories. The first one is self-designed outdoor advertising.
refers to the media form of signs, light boxes, neon single characters, etc, The second type is: commercial outdoor advertising refers to the names of enterprises, institutions, individual businesses or other social organizations (including signs, etc.) set up by registering the registered address of the unit, using the self owned or leased buildings, structures and other positions.
the second type is: commercial outdoor advertising refers to the outdoor advertising on both sides of urban roads, highways and railways, the ground part of urban rail transit lines, the management scope of rivers and lakes, squares, buildings, buildings, etc
commercial advertisements in the form of light boxes, neon lights, electronic display devices, display boards, etc. and in the form of vehicles.
commercial advertisements in the form of light boxes, neon lights, electronic display devices, display boards, etc=======================================================================According to the different characteristics of outdoor advertising.
at present, outdoor advertising in China can be roughly divided into two types: first, fixed billboards, mainly including: (1) large billboards; (2) sidewalk billboards; (3) traffic advertisements; (2) mobile advertisements, It mainly includes: (1) bus body advertising; (2) hot air balloon and spaceship advertising. Outdoor advertising media can also be divided into electronic and non Electronic types: electronic advertising media include TV wall, LED display screen, and so on Neon, et al.
1. A spotlight billboard is a billboard with spotlights or other lighting equipment around the billboard.
it is called spotlight billboard.
it is characterized by beautiful appearance.
the lighting effect at night is excellent, and advertising information can be clearly seen.
2. Neon billboards are made of neon tubes bent into words or patterns.
they are made with neon tubes of different colors, The billboard with single column is placed on the special support column.
most of the billboards are T-shaped or P-shaped, and the advertising devices are set up on expressways, main traffic roads and other places, For dense traffic and people flow.
the size of common use is 6 meters high x 18 meters wide.
it mainly uses spotlights as lighting equipment.
4 large light box is placed on the exterior wall, roof or podium of buildings and other outdoor special advertising positions.
color billboards are used in the daytime, and lighting at night becomes the light box advertising of "playing lights inside.
the lighting effect of medical outdoor advertising light box advertising is better.
the lighting effect of medical outdoor advertising light box advertising is betterHowever, the maintenance is more difficult than the spot lamp billboard, and the lamp tube is easy to wear and tear
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