What are the technical advantages of LED outdoor billboards
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What are the technical advantages of LED outdoor billboards

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the main growth space will mainly come from the traditional inkjet, neon, billboard replacement market.
there are HD, 3D, intelligent, monitoring market, Road traffic and other multi-functional high-end LED electronic display market.
as long as the industry order is standardized.
display manufacturers improve their R & D level, enhance their core competitiveness, and guide the demand market with products, they will surely win a place in the fierce competition market.
LED screen (outdoor billboard.
Display) varies according to the application site, Generally speaking, the production of signs can be divided into outdoor billboards and outdoor screens.
because the application environment of LED outdoor billboards is different from that of indoor screens.
and the environmental conditions are relatively harsh, Generally speaking, the LED of outdoor billboard must use super bright material.
brightness height (uhB) refers to the LED whose luminous intensity reaches or exceeds 100mcd, also known as candela (CD) led.
the research and development of high brightness a1gainp and InGaN LED is very rapid.
it has reached the standard of conventional materials GaAlAs, GaAsP, InGaN led At present, the pixels of outdoor billboards are composed of many single LED tubes with red / Green / blue primary colors (primary colors).
the commonly used products include the pixel tube and pixel module for label making.
the pixel size is mostly 12-26mm.
the pixels are mainly composed of 2R / 3R / 4R for monochrome, 1r2yg / 1r3yg / 1r4yg for pseudo color, and 2R1G1B for true colorThe common display system adopts 8-bit color display level.
in this way, the color is stiff in some low gray and excessive color areas.
it will also cause color light maladjustment.
the new LED large screen control system adopts 14 bit color display level.
greatly improves the color hardness in excessive degree.
makes people feel soft when watching.
avoids people's dissatisfaction with light Comfort.
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