What are the forms of outdoor advertising
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Installation of outdoor advertising can be divided into two types
There are two types of outdoor advertisements. The first is self-designed outdoor advertisements, which refer to enterprises and institutions set up in the form of signs, light boxes, neon single characters, etc., with their registered address registered in their own units, using their own or leased buildings, structures and other positions, The name of individual businesses or other social organizations (including signs, etc.).
the second type is: commercial outdoor advertising refers to the outdoor advertising on urban roads, highways, both sides of railways, ground parts of urban rail transit lines, river and lake management scope, squares, buildings and structures Display boards are commercial advertisements in the form of carriers and on vehicles.

What are the forms of outdoor advertising

=========================according to the different characteristics of outdoor advertisements.
at present, China's outdoor advertisements can be roughly divided into two types: first, fixed billboards, It mainly includes: (1) large billboards; (2) sidewalk billboards; (3) traffic advertisements; (2) mobile advertisements, mainly including: (1) bus body advertisements; (2) hot air balloon and spaceship advertisements. Outdoor advertising media can also be divided into electronic and non Electronic types: electronic advertising media include TV wall, LED display screen, and so on Neon, et al.
1 a spotlight billboard is a billboard with spotlights or other lighting equipment around the billboard.
it is called spotlight billboard.
it is characterized by beautiful appearance.
the lighting effect at night is excellent, and the advertising information can be clearly seen.
2 a neon billboard is made of neon tubes bent into words or patterns.
it is made of neon tubes with different colors, It emits colorful colors.
it can also cooperate with the flashing form of electronic control to increase the sense of motion.
it can also be used in the electronic controlThe night effect has strong visual impact.
3 the single column billboard is placed on the special support column.
most of the billboards are T-shaped or P-shaped, and the advertising devices are set up on expressways, main traffic roads and other places, facing the dense traffic and people flow.
the common size is 6 meters high and 18 meters wide.
the main lighting equipment is spotlights.
4 large light boxes are placed on the external walls of buildings The color billboard is used in the daytime, and the light on at night becomes the light box advertisement of "playing light inside". "The lighting effect of the medical outdoor advertisement light box advertisement is better.
but the maintenance is more difficult than the spotlight billboard, and the lamps used are easy to wear and tear.
outdoor advertisements can be divided into 1 painting type, 2 light source type, 3 electronics type, 4 transportation type, 4 lighting type, 2 lighting type 5. In the air.
in the drawing category, there are posters, banners and road signs( It's common.
the audience is limited and the cost is low. The key is to have a good grasp of the advertising audience, highlight the characteristics of the product, make the appearance of the advertisement novel, attract attention, and show the taste.
the effect with my experience is OK.
but it's not lasting.) the light sources include neon lights, light boxes, color lights, etc; Electronic category has multi-color flip display, LED display, large screen TV( The cost of the above two forms is relatively high, and I think the cost performance is average.) the transportation category includes car body advertising, in car, station board, station, TV screen car, ship, aircraft, etc; There are airship advertisements, balloons, parachutes and so on in the air( This effect is good, but we must grasp the advertising opportunity. It can be put in city parks and squares on national day and other festivals, with a wide audience. It is mainly used to enhance the product image and promote corporate culture. Other advertisements include competition field advertisement, sculpture advertisement, advertisement tower, bridge advertisement, umbrella advertisement, garden flower bed advertisement, lamp post advertisement, ice lantern, three-dimensional model, etc.
in this paper, the author puts forward some suggestions(the cost is relatively high.
the utility is long-lasting) there are also space advertisements in the media of space shuttle, spaceship and artificial satellite abroad.
(there are not many in our country.
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