Outdoor advertising types
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television advertising
TV advertisement, newspaper advertisement, airport outdoor advertisement, wall advertisement, flyer advertisement, elevator advertisement, I know that the specification of outdoor advertisement is generally 6 m x 18 m

Outdoor advertising types

I think I'm in this industry. Ha ha, outdoor advertisement can be divided into categories: 1, painting, 2, light source, 3, electronics, 4, transportation, 5, air, etc
the drawing categories include posters, banners and road signs( Common ~)
light sources include neon lights, light boxes, color lights, etc
for electronics, there are multi-color flip display, LED display and super large screen TV
the traffic category includes car body advertisement, car interior, station board, station, TV screen car, ship, aircraft, etc other advertisements include competition field advertisement, sculpture advertisement, advertisement tower, bridge advertisement, umbrella advertisement, garden flower bed advertisement, lamp post advertisement, ice lantern, three-dimensional model, etc
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