References of outdoor LED full color display
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LED display information introduction
LED panel: LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode, short for LED.
it is a display mode by controlling semiconductor light emitting diode.
its general appearance is that it is composed of many light emitting diodes which are usually red, and the characters are displayed by the light on and off.

References of outdoor LED full color display

it is used to display text, graphics, pictures, etc Image, animation, market, video Video signal and other kinds of information display screen.

LED display screen function
1. Play the role of commodity publicity.
attract customers.

2. Play the role of store decoration.
improve the level of enterprises.

3. Play the role of lighting.

4. Play the role of universal knowledge.
(can be used to play small information of enterprise products.
knowledge of related industries.) Knowledge)
5. It plays the role of bulletin board.
recruitment information release)
6. It plays the role of setting off the atmosphere.
the visit of superior leaders and various distinguished guests can be played through the display screen Welcome words for guidance.
celebration words for various major festivals.

7. It plays a warning role.
it is often used for road traffic LED navigation instructions, etc.

it is undeniable.
the ultimate purpose for businesses to set up billboards is to publicize commodity information and attract target customers, In order to achieve this goal, led billboard has become the first choice of enterprise publicity.

P10 module parameters
size (W) × H × T) 160 mm × 160 mm × 21 mm image number type dip346
point spacing (mm) 10 mm pixels (dots / M) 10000 dots / M
resolution (W × H) 16:00 × 16 point weight (kg / piece) 0.317 kg / piece
P10 die parameters
structure description: 1 red, 1 pure green and 1 pure blue are used in each pixelThere are three LED tubes.

color matching analysis: in order to achieve the best white balance effect.
color matching has strict requirements on the brightness of LED light, in which the color matching ratio of various colors is R: G: B / 3: 6: 1 [1] P10 screen parameters
technical parameters
best viewing distance: ≥ 10 m
best viewing angle: horizontal 120 degrees, Vertical 50 degrees
power supply parameters
working voltage: AC220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz (three-phase five wire system)
average power consumption of the screen: 540 w / m2
maximum power consumption of the screen: 900 w / m2
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