How many kinds of outdoor advertisements are there?
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What are the main forms of outdoor advertising?
What are the main forms of outdoor advertising<

the main types of outdoor advertising are fixed billboards and mobile billboards.

How many kinds of outdoor advertisements are there?

1. Fixed billboards

(1) large billboards mainly refer to billboards on the external walls of buildings, which generally have a large area. Some billboards even cover an area of more than 500 square meters.

(2) sidewalk billboards.
refers to small billboards, light boxes and column advertisements on both sides of sidewalks, (3) traffic advertisements are mainly set up in some public places related to transportation, such as stations, airports, expressways, bus stops, etc.
Traffic advertisements refer to the use of public transport means (trains, cars, subways, ships, etc.) As the media of advertising information,
the main forms include body advertising, in car advertising, seat cover advertising, ticket advertising, etc.
the biggest difference between traffic advertising and outdoor advertising is that traffic advertising is a mobile advertising media, and its communication scope is much more flexible and broad than outdoor advertising, and the mobility of population by means of transportation is relatively large, The reading objects are all over the society, which helps to improve the popularity of the goods.
in addition to improving the popularity of the goods.
Traffic advertisements also help consumers to understand the detailed information of the products. For example, the advertisements in the car are mostly a kind of entertainment for passengers to spend their time, Therefore, it can transmit detailed information about the product.
generally, the production and release costs of traffic advertisements are relatively low.
as an auxiliary medium, it is worth making good use of.
however, it should be noted that due to its wide audience, the target objects of the advertisements are lack of pertinence,(4) pop advertisement: Pop (p0p 0f purchase advertising) is also known as the advertisement for sale in stores, There are two systems, outdoor POP advertising and indoor POP advertising.
strictly speaking, POP advertising is also a part of outdoor advertising.
the reason why I list them separately is that in recent years, with the development of China's large-scale stores, POP advertising has developed into an important means of store advertising.

outdoor POP advertising: including all forms of advertising outside the shopping place.
such as banners, light boxes, posters, facade decoration, window decoration, etc.
indoor POP advertising: including all forms of advertising inside the shopping place.
such as counter display, counter advertising, hanging advertising, window decoration, etc The pop advertisements mainly stimulate consumers' on-the-spot consumption.
because the on-the-spot advertisements help to arouse consumers' memories of goods, create on-the-spot purchasing atmosphere, and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

2. Mobile advertisements

(1) bus body advertisements

(2) hot air balloons Airship (ship) advertising

(3) professional advertising car.
also known as Dav advertising car, is a kind of special vehicle loading advertising machine on the left and right sides and the back of the car

However, sometimes.
we also divide outdoor advertising media into electronic and non electronic categories: electronic advertising media, as the name suggests, must use electricity to achieve the effect of advertising information display, including TV wall, LED display screen Neon et al.
non electronic advertisements are advertisements in addition to these electronic advertisements.
generally, they are traditional billboards.
outdoor advertisements are a huge category of advertisements.
there are far-reaching single column advertisements, roof advertisements, wall advertisements.
there are also light box display boards in front of us.
according to the time limit.
there are long-term displays and temporary releases.
there are advertisements on the car body, roof and wall There are mobile advertisements on ships and even airplanes.
there are also fixed advertisements that stick to the ground.
there are dynamic advertisements with LED screen, neon lights, three reversals and other radio and television technologies.
there are also spray painting pictures, or static advertisements with large characters pasted on the wall.
in reality, outdoor advertisements are almost divided by the industry.
for example, street lamp advertisements, street lamp poles are his home, on both sides of the highway, There are also some units to do it. The bus body and the bus shelter have to go to the bus company.
it has little to do with the materials used.
the management classification is also more based on these industries.
the management classification is based on these industries
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