What are the advantages of outdoor LED advertising
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The advantages of outdoor LED advertising are as follows:
The advantages of outdoor LED advertising are as follows:
1. Strong visual impact

What are the advantages of outdoor LED advertising

the large-scale, dynamic, sound and picture integrated LED advertising can stimulate the senses of the audience in an all-round way, effectively convey information to guide consumption

2. Wide coverage

Yangqu square LED display is located in Guangchang, the center of Yangqu County, close to Meitehao, jiajiali supermarket, Xingyu shopping center, century commercial building and other large shopping malls, It is a place with high traffic volume in the county.
through high-frequency communication with user groups,
stimulate consumers' strong desire to buy and improve brand awareness

3. Long release period,

Yangqu square LED advertising is broadcast all day long.
it is broadcast at 7:30 a.m.
it is closed at 20:30 p.m.
it lasts 13 hours throughout the day.
it is easy for the audience to see, It can better guide potential customers and make businesses achieve better publicity effect with less cost.

4. The audience's disgust rate is low

outdoor LED advertising can be broadcast to more audiences through live broadcast technology.
the programs include special topics, columns, variety shows, animation, etc.
the content is rich, The key is that the price is affordable.
not expensive.
1. Popular target audience.
wide coverage:
as long as you choose the right location and Lightbox, the effect of advertising will play a role all the time, The beautiful light box during the day and the dazzling lighting effect at night make the passing people deeply impressed and even stop to enjoy.

2. The role of media is enhanced.
the communication content is more reliable:
in the 21st century, TV, cable communication, magazines, newspapers, books, etc,There is also the Internet, and even advertising flyers. Nowadays, advertisements are everywhere, and there are many kinds of advertising content.
* cheaters * are also very much.
but I haven't heard that * cheaters * still do Lightbox advertising (I dare not rule out.
but I really haven't seen it).
the credibility of Lightbox advertising in the role of media is undoubtedly the most credible.

3 There is no limit to creativity:
nowadays, there are more and more materials and crafts for making light box.
the effect is more and more shocking.
you can't imagine.
but more and more advertising creativity of light box can't resist emerging in front of you.

4 Lightbox advertising is one of the lowest cost advertising:
outdoor media may be the most value for money mass media.
although its price varies.
but its cost per thousand people is the most cost-effective compared with other media.
you can go to Baidu for promotion.
you can buy TV advertising time, The simplest way is to send out flyers.
although the number of billboards in the construction period of the Lightbox ads is a little higher than before, the number can be calculated by anyone after the time period is even out.

5. The size, location and impact of the Lightbox ads can stand the test of time.

once the giant billboard in the prime area is established.
it can produce quite a city's logo effect, which is direct and simple, It can be the "old place" for lovers to meet.
it can be the "direction sign" for directions.
even when you get lost, it can be the "landmark" to light up the navigation lights for you.

6. The scenery of the city.
color and light up the living space.
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