What do outdoor advertisements include?
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The effect of the two factors was analyzed
The analysis of the effect of the two aspects of people flow and attention rate

What do outdoor advertisements include?

high people flow does not necessarily mean high attention rate. High attention rate must be supported by high people flow, which may be a problem encountered by all types of outdoor media. According to the observation, most people have not paid special attention to the billboards (high columns) in the area where there are piles of billboards. In the absence of a more scientific and accurate measurement standard, people flow "reluctantly" plays a "standard" role that can not withstand strict scrutiny. When customers choose to use specific outdoor media for advertising, they will continue to take people flow as one of the main indicators to judge the advantages and disadvantages of media. From the type of outdoor advertising, generally speaking, in recent years, the three most common types of outdoor advertising such as light box, ordinary Kanban and bus shelter account for 40% and 32% of all types of outdoor advertising respectively. Every year, these three types of outdoor advertising have different growth, but basically remain stable. Lightbox advertising is characterized by intensive advertising in the business center area. But it takes a long time for a city's commercial center to form, and the number is limited. After a round of horse racing enclosure by advertising agencies, the outdoor light box advertising market will be saturated and the growth pace will slow down.
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