What are the new outdoor advertising media?
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New outdoor advertising media
New outdoor advertising media
outdoor advertising has already broken through the single form of shop billboard, and there are more new outdoor media, such as car body advertising, waiting booth advertising, subway station advertising, elevator advertising, high column advertising, three side advertising, wall advertising, roof advertising, neon lights, LED display, etc,
Along with the urban reform and opening up, outdoor advertising is stepping into a new stage of optimization and consolidation The future lies in harmonious development.

What are the new outdoor advertising media?

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outdoor advertising business has developed rapidly in the Chinese market in recent years.
the fast development of new outdoor advertising media is not only reflected in the continuous expansion of the industry scale in a short period of time.
it is also reflected in the rapid launch of new outdoor media forms and their recognition by the market Accept.
and fast is accompanied by high.

outdoor advertising industry's high profit, high return on investment, and high growth of the whole industry.
in addition, China's economy is unique in the global economy.
more and more multinational companies are entering China on a large scale, and the competition in various industries is becoming more and more intense, All kinds of factors stimulate the rapid growth of outdoor advertising industry.

the above is the content of the new outdoor advertising media.
there is also the prospect development and profit status of the new outdoor advertising media, hoping to help buyers who want to launch outdoor advertising have a deeper understanding of outdoor advertising.
outdoor advertising can be divided into three categories: 1 painting, 2 light source, 3 electronics There are 4 traffic categories, 5 air categories and so on.
the drawing categories include posters, banners and road signs( It's common.
the audience is limited and the cost is low. The key is to have a good grasp of the advertising audience, highlight the product features, and make the advertising appearance novel,Light sources include neon lights, light boxes, color lights, etc; Electronic category has multi-color flip display, LED display, large screen TV( The cost of the above two forms is relatively high, and I think the cost performance is average.) the transportation category includes car body advertising, in car, station board, station, TV screen car, ship, aircraft, etc; There are airship advertisements, balloons, parachutes and so on in the air( This effect is good, but we must grasp the advertising opportunity. It can be put in city parks and squares on national day and other festivals. It has a wide audience, and is mainly used to enhance the product image and promote corporate culture. Other advertisements include competition advertising, sculpture advertising, advertising tower, bridge advertising, sunshade advertising, garden flower bed advertising, lamp post advertising, ice lanterns and colored lights Three dimensional models, etc.
(the cost is high.
the utility is long-lasting) there are also space advertisements in the media of space shuttle, spaceship and artificial satellite in foreign countries.
(there are not many in our country.
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