Main advantages of outdoor advertising
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Advantages of outdoor advertising:
The advantages of outdoor advertising are as follows:
1. High arrival rate

Main advantages of outdoor advertising

through strategic media arrangement and distribution, outdoor advertising can create an ideal arrival rate.
according to the survey of strength communication,
the arrival rate of outdoor media is second only to TV media.
in a city, combining with the target population.
choosing the right publishing location and using the right outdoor media, You can reach multiple levels of people in the ideal range, and your advertisement can match the life rhythm of the audience very well.

2. It has strong selectivity to regions and consumers.

on the one hand, outdoor advertisement can choose different forms of advertisement according to the characteristics of regions.
for example, you can choose different forms of advertisement in commercial streets, squares, parks and transportation, Moreover, outdoor advertising can also be set according to the common psychological characteristics and customs of consumers in a certain area; On the other hand, outdoor advertising can provide repeated publicity for the regular consumers who often have activities in the city, making them have a strong impression.

3. Strong visual impact

the ancient way of setting up giant billboards in public places has been practiced for thousands of years.
it shows that it is in the process of delivering information, building large billboards in public places The effectiveness of expanding the influence.
a huge billboard set up in the prime area is a must for any company who wants to build a lasting brand image.
its directness and simplicity are enough to fascinate the big advertisers all over the world.

4. It has rich and colorful forms of expression, especially the development of high altitude balloon advertising and light box advertising.
it makes outdoor advertising have its own characteristics, Moreover, these outdoor advertisements have the function of beautifying the appearance of the city. The effect of integrating these advertisements with the appearance of the city often makes consumers accept the advertisements very naturally.

5. The content is simple.
4Outdoor advertising can avoid the interference of other content and competitive advertising.

6. Long release period

many outdoor media are released all day long.
they stand there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
this feature makes it easier for the audience to see it, so it will last forever with the needs of customers.

7 The cost of one thousand people is low

outdoor media may be the best value for money mass media.
although its price varies.
compared with other media, its cost of one thousand people (that is, the media cost per one thousand audiences) is very interesting: the billboard for spotlight is $2, the radio is $5, the magazine is $9, and the prime time TV is $1020! But in the end, customers pay more attention to the cost of thousands of people, that is, the cost per thousand audiences.

8. Outdoor advertising is more acceptable, which can make better use of consumers on the way.
during walking and sightseeing, the blank psychology often occurs in public places.
at this time.
some well-designed advertisements and colorful neon lights can often leave a very deep impression on people,

extended materials:
disadvantages of outdoor advertising
1. Small coverage
because most of the locations are fixed.
the coverage will not be large and the publicity area is small, so special attention should be paid to the selection of location when setting outdoor advertising.
for example, billboards are generally set up in areas with large population density and small size It is difficult to evaluate the effect of outdoor advertisements because the objects of outdoor advertisements are people who are engaged in outdoor activities.

in the areas with strong mobility.
airports, railway stations and ship docks have a large number of floating population from south to north.
they can be used as national advertisements.

2These people are mobile, so their acceptance rate is difficult to estimate.
moreover, people are always in contact with them in activities.
therefore, the gaze time is very short, even only a fraction of a second. Sometimes people may come into contact with many outdoor advertisements at the same time, so in order to achieve the advertising effect, it is necessary to make people stay visually, This is very important.

reference materials: Sogou encyclopedia outdoor advertising (1) excellent cost performance
traditional light box.
the billboard is just a rigid picture, which can be worn out after a few months in the sun and rain, and has no aesthetic feeling; And ledi photoelectric projection lamp can make the picture beautiful and clear for a long time through the light effect of light. It can also put multiple giant advertising patterns on a cheap wall or ground by using the screen rotation function, which not only makes the sense of activity fresh, but also makes the profit doubled, (2) the production and installation are convenient.
the traditional light box installation is time-consuming and laborious.
it consumes a lot of human and material resources, Dynamic projection advertising will help you save all the inconvenience.
let you finish the tedious work in a short time.

(3) flexible and convenient replacement
every business owner knows.
traditional light box, It is very difficult to replace the billboard.
once the general advertisement is completed, it is difficult to modify it.
even if there is such a small change as address.
telephone number change, the whole advertisement must be completely overturned and remade, resulting in a huge waste of human and financial resources.
and it is often unable to quickly cater to the ever-changing market and quickly change the new ideas of the enterprise, The new products are presented to consumers.
the advertising of ledi outdoor projection lamp is based on the principle of optical projection.
the advertising of ledi outdoor projection lamp is based on the principle of optical projectionHigh brightness light source is used to project the full-color advertising content on the negative film onto the exterior wall of high-rise buildings, forming outdoor advertising with great visual impact at night.
it has the characteristics of high arrival rate.
it also has novel and special media forms and dynamic visual effects, Compared with ordinary outdoor advertising, projection advertising has the following obvious characteristics:

1. Environmental protection and safety: projection advertising can overcome the limitations of ordinary billboards and light boxes, such as large power consumption, easy fading, easy to be damaged by people, smearing pollution, etc; It uses optical principle imaging, low power consumption, light weight, does not damage the floor, ground, does not affect the site environment and overall planning, has no pollution, strong wind resistance.

novel, fashion: it is the first example to deduce advertising content with lighting in China and abroad, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area, Shenzhen aviation hotel, Hainan, Henan, Beijing, Shandong, Harbin and so on have very successful cases.

flexible and efficient delivery: projection advertising can release advertising images or change advertising content in a few minutes; The equipment can be put into operation once and used many times, which is convenient for seasonal promotion.
the equipment can be put into operation once and used many times
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