What is outdoor advertising?
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Outdoor advertising refers to the use of public or private venues of buildings, space, the use of transportation and other forms of setting, hanging, posting advertising.
Outdoor advertising refers to the use of public or self owned buildings, space, transportation and other forms of setting, hanging, posting advertising.

What is outdoor advertising?

outdoor advertising may be one of the earliest existing forms of advertising.
the earliest form of outdoor advertising.
it is usually in a prominent place on the wall outside the house, Some eye-catching signs have been pasted.
archaeologists have found many such signs in the ruins of ancient Rome and Pompeii.
one outdoor advertisement excavated from the ancient Roman ruins is a house to rent.
there is another on the wall of Pompeii, which is to solicit tourists who come here.

for thousands of years With the continuous development of television, cable communication and the Internet in recent years, outdoor advertising has always been one of the most widely used media in brand building and market information transmission.

in recent years, the advertising expenses spent on outdoor media, including spotlight billboards, waiting booths, single columns, subway posters, buses, buses, etc Since 1990, it has been growing at an annual rate of 25%, much faster than newspapers, magazines, radio and television.
according to a recent survey conducted by media magazines (2000).
in China, outdoor is the second best media after television, It conveys information for the public.

common types of outdoor media:

single media usually purchased separately when purchasing outdoor media.
such as spotlight advertising, single column, neon lights, wall, three side flip, etc.

network media can be purchased in the form of group or package.

online media can be purchased in the form of group or packageFor example, waiting booths, car bodies, subways, airports and railway stations.
outdoor advertising is generally called outdoor advertising.
the common outdoor advertising are: roadside billboards, high column billboards (commonly known as anti-aircraft guns), light boxes, neon billboards, led billboards, etc.
now there are even balloons Airship and other advanced forms of outdoor advertising.

the audience of outdoor advertising has a strong mobility.
therefore, in many cases, it is also called mobile media, out of home media.
in terms of its basic forms.
it includes outdoor media and transportation media in the general sense. There are many forms of media, mainly divided into: outdoor signboards, neon lights, light boxes, bus stops and pavilions Compared with other advertising media,
outdoor advertising has its own characteristics.
because of its flexibility, it can be set up in any street or residential area or traffic artery, and its publishing media are rich and diverse, Therefore, the advertising industry attaches great importance to it.
it is precisely because of its diversity.
the application of modern outdoor advertising is also composed of multiple technologies and a variety of scientific and technological materials.

as long as there is a place to buy and sell, there will be outdoor advertising.

with the rapid development of urbanization and the expansion of urban transportation hub in China.
the outdoor effect has doubled, Outdoor advertising has been recognized by more people.
outdoor advertising media has become a new favorite of advertisers.
its growth rate is much higher than that of traditional TV, newspaper and magazine media, and it has become an excellent media with the most growth and development potential in the 21st century
With the continuous progress of advertising production and design technology.
outdoor advertising is no longer the traditional, monotonous and old print media before, people have more requirements for outdoor advertising, and fashion, novelty, three-dimensional and creativity are the main melody of outdoor media in the new era.
outdoor advertising is not the traditional, monotonous and old print media
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