Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor LED advertising
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The power consumption is large and the price is high.
The advantages are that the advertising effect is very good.

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor LED advertising

the perspective is large and the brightness is high, The color is rich.
full color LED is becoming more and more popular.
which car is equipped with this one is playing with the life of advocating technological innovation.
the car without this one seems to be unable to sell its value.

the pattern belongs to the pattern.
the profile also shows that led is indispensable.
just as you asked the question.
first understand the basic industry characteristics, so as not to regret after choosing the wrong one.
in this paper, the author analyzes the characteristics of the industry>
full color LED belongs to pit damage Durability, energy saving and environmental protection.
one of the most important technologies in the world should include LED lights.
and what makes the gorgeous city more beautiful must be the credit of full-color LED screens.

broadcasting devices like outdoor advertising machines.
if there is a problem, the whole machine will not work.
and the repair needs to be disassembled and installed again.
trouble and time cost It goes without saying.
but full color LED can completely avoid similar problems.
because it is composed of tens of thousands of small lamp beads, If one of them is broken, it will not affect the whole display effect.

the price of LED outdoor full-color screen depends on whether there are high requirements for quality.
the cost of a lamp bead ranges from 5 yuan to 20 yuan.
from an individual point of view, there may be no big difference.
but a layout is only a few square meters.
after accounting, tens of thousands of lamps are needed, That's a big cost.

in other words, how to choose a good business to provide products and technical solutions.
then I feel that I can only find it in Shenzhen.
this is the first time for me to choose a good business to provide products and technical solutionsBecause the best technology and industry chain in China are concentrated in this area.
especially for those who need to achieve the animation video effect.
ordinary manufacturers can't work out this kind of complex technical solution.

and the quality of lamp beads is very small.
for example, what kind of outer packaging material is used.
it may cost a few cents.
but for a long time outside Fengshui Sleeping in the open is easy to cause aging and short circuit.

at this time, the most troublesome thing is how to maintain them.
because the labor cost of maintaining tens of thousands of lamp beads is very high.
it is said that there is a company in Shenzhen named "xuandou led" which has obtained many national patents on these small details.
but few people will know if we don't say it, our common heart is following the crowd, People around them use whatever they say.

as a result, technology-based full-color LED companies can only do quality and technology behind the scenes.
I heard that they designed many effect programs for the Olympic gymnasium.
in the past, they could provide design effects for free, but now I don't know, It's OK to ask them about "dazzle bean led."

that's about it.
the details about the size of the lamp bead are actually things that can be asked by one phone.
so are the program technical solutions.
these are all done by technicians.
we won't be scared here.

anyway, to sum up.
anyone's point of view can be deteriorated or omitted, Go to know more details by yourself.
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