What should we pay attention to when buying outdoor LED display?
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There are several main elements of outdoor LED display: 1
There are several main elements of outdoor LED display: 1. Waterproof 2. Brightness 3. Power consumption 4. Service life

What should we pay attention to when buying outdoor LED display?

1. Waterproof - this is the first problem to think of, because rain will directly rain on the surface of the screen when it is placed outdoors, so how to do the waterproof of outdoor LED display? The waterproof work of the outdoor LED display is the main three aspects. The first mock exam is waterproof, the second is waterproof, the third is waterproof. The most important point is the box waterproof. First, the frame structure waterproofing is better than the old one, and the LED outdoor display area is larger. I'm afraid it's difficult to leak at all. Moreover, the frame structure is exposed to the sun and rain outdoors, and the change of temperature and other external conditions can easily lead to partial waterproof failure. In addition, the waterproof of module is to seal silica gel between LED lamp and PCB board, but the waterproof of module is only one-sided, and the power supply and other parts inside the box are not waterproof, Generally speaking, if you want to buy outdoor screen, you'd better choose the manufacturer with IP66 (IP66 waterproof, shockproof and dustproof grade). With the above three aspects of waterproof, you can basically do the waterproof work well, Because if the waterproof performance of the box is not good, the circuit inside is easy to corrode, which directly affects the service life of the LED outdoor display screen).
2 brightness - because the LED display screen placed outdoors will be exposed to direct sunlight, the sunlight reflected from the screen will affect the playback effect, Sometimes, if the brightness of LED display screen is too low, the content of the screen will be completely invisible. So how much brightness of outdoor LED display screen is not affected by direct sunlight? For example, the brightness of the screen reflected by the sunlight in Guangzhou is more than 5000cd / m2, so the brightness of the screen should reach more than 6000cd / m2 when there is direct sunlight, so that the playback effect will not be affected by the sunlight. Most manufacturers of outdoor LED displays in China have reached this requirement.
3 power consumption - this is a problem that many people are concerned about,The maximum power consumption of outdoor LED display (full-color) is about 800W / m2. That is to say, when the outdoor LED display reaches the maximum power (peak value) every moment, the power consumption per square hour will be 0.8kwh. But it is not always that the outdoor LED display works at the peak value, When all the lights in the screen (RGB lights) are on and the lights are the brightest, the LED display will reach the peak value. When the outdoor LED display normally plays an animation, the power consumption is only about 65% of the maximum power consumption, Therefore, the power consumption per square hour of outdoor LED display is: 0.8kw * 65%=0.52 kwh. If the power consumption of 100 square meters of outdoor LED display is calculated by one year (12 hours per day), it is: 12 * 30 * 12 * 100 * 0.52=224640 kwh, The electricity cost of this outdoor LED display screen is about 220000.
4 service life - it depends on several aspects. The first material includes LED lamp, PCB board, IC, etc, However, the price is 4-5 times higher than that in China. In China, Taiwan's Guanglei and Hangzhou taxi blue have done better. In terms of IC, the price of American accumulation IC will be higher, and the domestic Yuanzhi and Mingwei are also better. In terms of PCB, there are several domestic manufacturers that can refer to: Jiantao, Shengyi and international. So how long is the life of the combination of these materials? Here I offer a combination with high cost performance: the wick is made of Taiwan Guanglei and Hangzhou Shilan IC, Yuanzhi and Mingwei PCB, and Jiantao. The service life of this sub combination is 11 years (under ideal condition), but there are some external conditions,For example, it's waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, so if it's outdoor LED display screen, it's best to select the manufacturer who has passed the IP66 certification level. Second, now some LED display screen manufacturers are purely hand-made, and even many LED display screen manufacturers are actually looking for someone else to work for them, and they don't have actual production capacity (this kind of manufacturers had better not consider the cost performance is not too high), LED displays are not handicrafts, so a good manufacturer must have a complete mechanized production line. Because if the LED lights and chips are inserted manually, although the cost is reduced, there will be many problems. Moreover, if the LED lights or chips are inserted manually, many human errors will occur when the workers work for a long time, For example, the solder joint and the flatness of the whole screen are not good. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the assembly line of their factory when purchasing LED display screen, which is the most direct way. Another point is that the manufacturer of LED display screen must have a strict quality control system. However, it is not enough to have a fully mechanized production line. The mechanical quality of production is also an important factor affecting the quality of LED display screen, Here I provide several important types and brands of production machinery. ① mounter, ② plug-in machine, ③ wave soldering, ④ reflow soldering, gluing machine, whole lamp machine, etc. the most important of them are mounter and plug-in machine, wave soldering machine, From the above two aspects of materials and technology, we can see that when buying LED display, we must visit their factory to observe their production line and quality control, Finally, if the manufacturer's products have the following product certification, it would be better: IP66, CE, FCC, 3C, etc,
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