How big is the general outdoor LED display screen
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Conventional P8
The conventional P8 and P10 are the most common. The full-color display screen on the outdoor exterior wall has at least 30 or 40 square meters

How big is the general outdoor LED display screen

the specific size depends on your site, as long as the space budget allows, the whole wall can be completed. However, one thing to note is that the size ratio of the screen is as close as possible to 16:9, which is the most comfortable way to watch, and the content material can also be well displayed. If the proportion is not right, not only the spectators feel uncomfortable, but also many materials will deform due to the proportion problem, which greatly affects the display effect

for specific questions, you can consult a professional company. Shenzhen Xunbao zeneng Technology Co., Ltd. has a unique air conditioning production line for outdoor LCD display, which is specially designed and produced for outdoor LCD application. The high brightness LCD backlight production workshop can produce 700-3000cd / m2 LED backlight. It's made to measure. It depends on whether you want LED color screen or LED guardrail tube. 800 yuan per square.
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