Why does Sharp LCD TV look the same as Sharp LCD?
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The reason why sharp LED LCD TV and Sharp LCD look the same:
There is no difference between sharp LED LCD TV and Sharp LCD TV.
also known as LCD TV, refers to the TV with LCD screen, According to the different backlight, LCD TV can be divided into LED backlight TV and CCFL backlight TV.

Why does Sharp LCD TV look the same as Sharp LCD?

nowadays, we usually call CCFL backlight TV LCD TV.
LED backlight TV becomes LED TV.
at present, all led TVs in stores adopt LED backlight LCD TV.
in essence, Or LCD TV.
this is totally different from the real LED TV.
consumers must distinguish this basic concept.
compared with the traditional CCFL backlight LCD TV, the so-called LED TV in the current market has considerable advantages in power consumption, appearance thickness and non toxicity.
the difference between sharp LED TV and Sharp LCD.
1 The power consumption ratio of Sharp LCD and LED TV is about 10:1.
sharp LED TV is more energy-saving.
2. Sharp LED TV has higher refresh rate.
it has better performance in video.
3. Sharp LED TV can provide a wider perspective.
it can display all kinds of text, digital, color images and animation information, and can play TV, video, VCD and video Color video signals such as DVD.
4. The single element reaction speed of sharp LED TV is 1000 times faster than that of LCD.
it can also be looked after in strong light, and adapt to the low temperature of minus 40 degrees.
as for you watching cable or digital cable, you may not be able to see the difference between a TV.
2However, when you go to sharp's booth to see led and LCD, you can feel that led has higher contrast, better color, lower energy consumption and longer service life.
however, as for Sharp's three common LED series on the market now, they are le700a (equipped with sharp's latest generation X-ray super crystal panel and direct backlight frequency doubling 100 / 120Hz) / lx710 (equipped with more le700a, and Duba technology is 6-channel.
compared with le700, the LED series have higher contrast, Color is better) / lx710a (this series has more digital terrestrial receiving function, and others are no different from lx710). As for you watching cable or digital cable, you may have one machine.) finally, sharp is not outstanding in technology, but it takes a long time to do it, but it doesn't mean the technology is good, Compared with the first 10 generation LCD production line, the bad problems at the beginning can be seen.
in China, the TV sets under 52 inches do not have the function of frequency doubling.
LED is also 100 / 120, while domestic and LG / Samsung are 4 times faster.
What's more, USB, etc.
it's well known that some of them are Taiwan screens and are being assembled in Japan.
I don't know The standard of shame is "Japanese original LCD screen."
sharp is really shameless.
it's shameless to buy sharp.
if you say sharp is good, pull it out and shoot it for 3 hours.
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