How about sharp lcd-70lx565a
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Sharp (sharp)
Sharp lcd-70lx565a 70 inch Full HD Android intelligent LED LCD TV is very good, and the display effect is very good.
the detailed parameters are as follows:

How about sharp lcd-70lx565a

product positioning Full HD TV.
LED TV, Internet TV, smart TV.
screen size 70 inches.
screen scale 16: 9.
resolution 1920 * 1080.
LCD panel X super crystal panel.
backlight type LED light emitting diodes.
best viewing distance More than 5.0 meters.
support format 1080p (Full HD).
motion image processing 100 Hz.
HDMI interface 3 * HDMI.
network interface one ×.
other interfaces one × Video input terminal 1 × Audio input terminal 1 × Component input terminal 2 × USB interface.
expansion card one × SD / SDHC card slot.
operating system Android 4.2.
energy efficiency rating Class 2 energy efficiency.
fuselage size Including base 156.3 × thirty-four point nine × 94mm without base 156.3 × eight point seven × 90.9mm.
basic parameters.
screen size: 70 inches.
Product Positioning: Full HD TV.
LED TV, Internet TV, smart TV.
screen ratio: 16:9.
resolution: 1920 * 1080.
LCD panel x super crystal panel.
backlight type: LED light emitting diode.
the best viewing distance is more than 5.0m.
image parameters.
support format: 1080p (Full HD).
it can be used as a reference for high-definition TVImage features: smooth processing 200.
high image quality processing.
Digital TV all in one.
sound parameters.
output power 10W × 2.
virtual surround sound.
function parameters.
network function WiFi.
TV interface.
HDMI interface 3 * HDMI.
network interface 1 × Network interface.
other interfaces 1 × Video input terminal.
1 × Audio input terminal.
1 × Component input terminal
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