Sharp TV is of poor quality
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·There are two bright spots that are normal, and the national standard is three bright spots that are considered normal.

Sharp TV is of poor quality

whether some brand TVs have bright spot guarantee is higher than the national standard.
the panels from the world's third generation lines are not the most important.
those are relative, The important thing is the quality of panel models.
no matter what generation of production lines there are.
there will also be different levels of product models.
you should know the story of Tian Ji's horse racing.
I don't want to explain much.
for example.
would you like to use the a + + panel without bright spots of the eighth generation production line, or the LCD panel with bright and bad spots of the tenth generation first of all, it doesn't say what the main purpose of TV is.
is it high-definition movie or network, or 3D, or cable digital TV or cable high-definition TV, It can't be generalized.
objectively speaking.
if most of the daily use only digital cable TV, then it's not easy to see the difference between the LCD panels of the eighth generation, the ninth generation or the tenth generation of the same grade from the naked eye.
many performance data are tested in the laboratory.
even if the HD digital cable TV signal is changed, At present, the HD digital cable TV signal in most cities is 720p (standard HD).
it doesn't reach 1080p (Full HD).
you are attracted by the technical performance of the merchants.
first of all, I blame you for pursuing the function and concept too much, and not from the practical point of view.
you are attracted by the technical performance of the merchants
many functions of home appliances are preset.
the current conditions are not practical at all. When you choose, you don't understand them, and you blindly pursue the functions and concepts.
everything has its limits.
home appliances with too advanced functions are sometimes wasted, Spend money to buy experience.
when buying LCD TV, many people are worried about the problem of shadowing. Because LCD TV is big and slow in response, there will be shadowing phenomenon when watching some ball games, which makes people uncomfortable. The author interviewed some professionals and came to the following conclusion.
according to experts,
VA soft screen was launched earlier, Moreover, the LCD TV has been using VA soft screen, and the effect is still very good. The effect is clear and the color is full, but sometimes there will be tailing when watching dynamic pictures, which is inevitable. Since the IPS hard screen board developed by LG display company of South Korea came out last year, it has been upgraded all the way and surpassed VA soft screen, and has been adopted by many manufacturers, which is also for a reason, The hard panel of IPS has overcome the drag problem of VA soft screen, and it is clear and smooth when looking at the dynamic picture, which makes people feel super good. Moreover, it has good heat dissipation function, and the surface is anti extrusion.
finally, I would like to remind you.
in the current market, VA panels are mixed, and it is recommended to use products such as Philips, Philips, etc LG, et al.
it is simple and convenient to distinguish.
it can be pressed with one finger.
in terms of quality, it is much better than the products using Taiwan screen.
in terms of quality
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