Sharp lcd-46ge220a 46 inch advantages and disadvantages
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Advantages: 6999 bought it
Advantages: 6999's screen is very good, especially suitable for watching movies, but the price is falling too fast.
disadvantages: playing MKV HD with USB has no sound.

Sharp lcd-46ge220a 46 inch advantages and disadvantages

advantages: good screen performance.
disadvantages: I found a bug.
I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem; When you watch a movie on a USB flash drive and switch to TV mode, all TV programs will have a serious rustle, But it's no problem to change the sound mode of each TV program from "D / K" to "I.
advantages: the demo disc works better.
disadvantages: the cable TV effect is not good when you buy 3100 yuan 5.1, especially when you watch the news channel host's face color is very bad, and there is a long tail.
advantages: 6200 yuan.
the effect is very good Yes, I have to admit that other people's technology, that is, the 40 inch Ge series is not a super crystal board, which is a bit difficult to accept.
it doesn't matter whether it is led or not.
USB is also very easy to use.
the interface is basically enough, and the appearance is also very beautiful. It is worthy of being written by the design master Xi Duojun. Originally, he planned to buy g120a. Because of this appearance, there are 1800 more. I don't know that g120a has basically the same functions, It's cheaper than this.
disadvantages: it's not equipped with a super crystal board.
it's not equipped with four colors.
machine garbage.
after sales garbage.
advantages: good appearance.
disadvantages: serious tailing and ghosting.
picture deformation.
after calling for sale.
people say it's a cable problem.
inspection is required.
The after-sales service is very good. They say the TV is OK. How can they be sure it's ok if they haven't seen it? It's very clear that my cable TV is replaced by another TV, and there's no heavy film.
the Internet says that this machine has serious defects.
strongly invites sharp to recall it<
My 46b7 has a DVI interface, which can connect Apple MacBook Pro point-to-point perfectly, and directly recognize Sharp LCD automatic point-to-point.
in this paper, we introduce a new method to realize the point-to-point connection of Apple MacBook Pro
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