How about sharp lcd-40lx460a
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Hello, I'm glad to answer your question.
Hello, I'm glad to answer your question.

How about sharp lcd-40lx460a

sharp lcd-40lx460a is Android 4.2's smart TV.
the appearance is average, not very fashionable.
but it's cost-effective.
the full HD split ratio can meet the demand of HDTV now.
through an expansion software, its functions can be enriched.
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sharp lcd-40lx460a.
sharp / sharp lcd-40lx460a 40 inch flat panel wireless intelligent network HD LCD TV.
basic parameters.
feature classification.
Full HD TV.
screen size.
40 inch.
screen ratio.
screen resolution.
1920 × 1080.
HD format.
panel type.
X-Gen super crystal panel.
X-GenBacklight performance.
LED backlight.
viewing distance.
image parameters.
sound performance.
built in.
sound output power.
8.5W + 8.5W.
sound performance.
stereo surround.
input / output.
input port.
HDMI interface.
USB interface.
USB interface.
other interface types.
network interface. SD card interface.
Hardware (function) parameters.
appearance parameters.
body size.
including base: 156.3 × thirty-four point nine × 94.0 mm.
without base: 156.3 mm × eight point six × 90.9mm.
with base: 11.5kg.
without base: 9.5kg.
other parameters.
power requirements.
220 v.
50 Hz.
power consumption.
95 W.
sleep power consumption.
0.5 W.
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